Special Use Permit to host house concerts granted to Coda Concert House by Joplin City Council

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin City Council considered a Special Use Permit for a residence that holds House Concerts at 2120 East 24th Street in Joplin.

The Special Use Permit was requested by the resident, Jeff Morrow.

The council chambers were standing-room-only as supporters of the Coda Concert House attended.

Morrow spoke to council informing them of the outline of their house concerts that feature world-class musicians. He then answered questions from council members regarding parking, portable restrooms etc.

Morrow addressed the issue of serving alcohol beforehand stating they do not serve food or alcohol. But those in attendance can bring their own. They have never had any issues he said.

The city has been aware of the Coda Concert House since 2017, City of Joplin’s Troy Bolander stated at the hearing on Monday evening, December 5, 2022.

Bolander said staff had reviewed the Special Use Permit and recommended to grant 2-year special use permit.


  • Limit to 2 events per month
  • Adequate off-street parking
  • No food or beverages provided by concert house
  • Finished by 10 p.m. as per the noise ordinance
  • Designed that the public health protected
  • Generally compatible to the neighborhood

Councilman Charles Copple proposed one addendum to the permit, that annual fire inspections be made, even though Bolander said there were no restrictions since it was a private residence.

Council voted to add the fire inspection to the permit.

Numerous supporters spoke to the council supporting the concerts. One council member was overheard on a hot mic during a break that this crowd was as large as the crowds who attended the mask mandate council meetings.

A handful of neighbors opposing the special use permit spoke. One man towards the end of the hearing stated, ‘I love music, I love concerts. I also love Wal-Mart, but I don’t want one in my backyard.’

In the end the Special Use Permit was granted for two years. It was approved by all council members.


“Nothing will prepare you for what awaits as you step through the nondescript front door on a residential street in the heart of America – Joplin, Missouri.  Theater lights warm a tiny stage that hosts world-class talent that never plays in this type of setting,” the Coda Concert House states on their website.

Speakers at the Monday night council meeting said world-class Grammy award winners have performed there in these past years for once-in-a-lifetime performances and speaking engagements.

If you are a music lover, we would be honored to have you join us.  For obvious reasons, be sure to act fast when a concert is announced.”


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News To Know: fatal crash, house fire in Newton County

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. — A 2006 Pontiac G6 traveling northbound on U-69 alternate crossed the center line and struck a 2016 GMS truck traveling southbound. The Pontiac’s driver, Trey Cunningham, was taken to Freeman West with a fatal injury. Next of kin were notified. His passenger, Valeria Lerma, was taken to Mercy in Joplin with a suspected serious injury. The driver of the GMC, Shannon Taft from Baxter Springs, was taken to Freeman West in Joplin with suspected serious injuries.

NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — About 6:15 a.m. Monday, December 5, a passerby spotted a structure fire just north of Elm Road on State Route E near Diamond alerting Newton County Central Dispatch. The structure appeared to be a former residence, now used for storage. Chief Skosberg said he could see the fire from two miles away easily. If you would like to read more about this story, click here.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin city staff wants to better the city’s homeless situation by conducting a study about what’s working and what isn’t. In the council meeting on Monday, December 5th, the city council asked to approve a study that would use special use tax funds for homeless research. Robin Smith from Homeless Coalition says right now homeless people with animals don’t have places to go because shelters don’t accept animals. Lack of transportation is also an issue.

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin could get millions of dollars to help with storm and wastewater improvements. The city is eligible to get more than $12,500,000 in matching state funds to help improve and update nine projects. If Joplin matches dollar for dollar, the city will devote a total of more than $25,000,000 for the projects. Click here to see a complete breakdown of the Joplin city council meeting from Monday, December 5th.

Whataburger location approved by Joplin City Council

JOPLIN, Mo. — Monday evening during the Joplin City Council regular scheduled meeting the Whataburger site proposal, already approved by staff, was placed before the council for approval.

No one spoke in favor or stood up to oppose the Council Bill 052-22 Site Plan Review: 2014 S Rangeline/2019 S Highview Ave.

Whataburger proposed site plan

This is a popular request… This is an administrative review for a proposed fast food restaurant, located on the west of side S Rangeline at 2014 S Rangeline Road.  The zoning is actually C3.  It permits fast food restaurants by right.  What we are doing tonight is reviewing the site plan.  It is in a planned overlay district which requires for you, for this body, to review the plans and approve them. Staff has performed a review of the plans that meet our requirements for the new zoning code and also meet requirements for parking, set-back, landscaping and access as well. Joplin Creek is partially located on this property.  [Commission] recommends approval of the site plans with a vote of 6-0.” – Troy Bolander, Dir. Planning, Development & Neighborhood Services

It passed unanimously by Joplin City Council after a few short questions about accessibility to the property by delivery trucks. A representative from Whataburger, Mr. Patrick DeNavdo, Pittsburgh, PA, spoke as a representative of MS Consultants on the site plan review. He was present to answer any questions on behalf of Whatabrands, Inc. for the council as he had the commission previously.

There is no timeline on the building or opening of the restaurant.  The Army Corps of Engineers must still approve the direction and containment of Joplin Stream which runs through the property Bolander said.  Also the building plans must be approved to meet city standards.

FROM AGENDA SITE PLAN REVIEW: Whatabrands is requesting the review of this site plan for a new restaurant location located primarily on 2014 S. Range Line Rd. with addition access through 2019 S. Highview Ave. The developer is awaiting site plan approval before submitting plans for a building permit. No permit will be granted until site plans are approved by the City Council.

Restaurant developments are permitted by right in the C-3 zoning district, however, the PD Planned Development Overlay requires a Site Plan Review by both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council before development may proceed.

The proposed site plan meets all requirements under the zoning code, including, but not limited to, parking minimums and setbacks, landscaping, access management, and property line setbacks.

Joplin Creek runs to the West, coming under Range Line Rd., through the North side of the subject property, and continuing on along E. 20th St. The developer is planning to use box culverts to channel the creek underground, essentially continuing the box culverts that carry the creek under Range Line, until the creek would daylight again behind Jiffy Lube. This work is reviewed by the City, but also reviewed and approved by the Army Corps. of Engineers.

Agenda Site Plan Review Whataburger

Landscaping is provided along near the building, in the parking lot, and along the street frontage and property lines. This is serviced by an irrigation system. The dumpster is within an enclosure that has additional landscaping screening around it. The site lighting plan indicates that on-site lighting will be below 1 footcandle at each property line.

Proposed signage is adequately scaled and meets the requirements of the existing sign code.



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Joplin City Council approve Revised 2022 Labor Agreement with Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #27

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin City Council honored an revised agreement with the FOP (Fraternal Order of Police) that was signed in May contingent on the August voter approval of a property tax. That property tax failed before the voters 45% – 55%.

So the city of Joplin has been working this past month to come up with a way to create a new pay plan. City Manager Nick Edwards said the monies for these raises will come from three places:

“We’ve done some expenditure savings, some belt-tightening.  I mentioned early on in our budget process that we look at our expenditures carefully, we’ve prioritized, trying to do as much as we could for wage improvements.  The city has also received some increased sales tax primarily to do some inflation, but our sales tax receipts have increased.  And then there is an anticipation that the Northpark Mall TIF will pay off this year. So the funds that are available through those three things is what is allowing us to move forward and propose these pay increases. Following this we hope to bring forward soon similar pay for… fire and general employees.” – Joplin City Manager Nick Edwards

In a continued effort to retain their officers Joplin Police have also implemented many suggestions from a Police Dept Allocation Study that was done by an outside group.  One noticeable change has been to have patrol officers on 12-hour shifts.  The study noted it allows officers to have every other weekend off.  It has shown in other departments to raise morale.

Sgt Thomas Bowin of the Fraternal Order of Police spoke before council stating the revised pay agreement was a good place to start now that a beginning officer will receive about $19.23 an hour.  Although that is not competitively regionally it is locally he said.

Councilman Chuck Copple stated, “Thank you all for working on this plan and program.  Thank you for sticking with us and seeing this through. And as far as this council member goes we are not through, this is just step one.

Note these 3% step increases only apply to officers, corporals and sergeants.  Read more in the documents provided below.

Tuesday, September 6, 2022 Joplin City Council Meeting

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #27 (hereinafter “FOP”) has long represented police
officers, corporals, and sergeants of the City of Joplin, Missouri (hereinafter “City”), regarding
terms and conditions of employment, historically through a process known as “meet and confer”.
In January of 2022, the FOP notified the City that it wanted to open collective bargaining
negotiations on issues such as compensation and working conditions, the FOP and the City met
and negotiated the terms of a labor agreement, and, on or about May 5, 2022, the parties came to
an agreement.
The compensation piece of the Labor Agreement, specifically the new pay plan and slotting of
employees was contingent on this Council placing a property tax on the August 2, 2022 ballot and
voters of the City passing the tax, and in the event that the tax did not pass, the agreement was
subject to being reopened for further negotiations on all issues.
The voters of the City did not pass the tax, the Labor Agreement was reopened for further
negotiations on all issues, and the parties came to a revised agreement. The Revised Labor
Agreement was taken to the FOP membership and they voted in favor of adopting the agreement.
The City desires to approve the attached Revised Labor Agreement, which shall expire on
December 31, 2027, in order to allow for changes to wages as contemplated therein to take effect
on September 10, 2022.” – Council Bill No. 2022-008 approving a Revised Labor Agreement by and between the
City of Joplin and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #27

Council Bill 8752

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News To Know: head-on fatality, “PSU In Paraguay”, and One Million Cups hits Carthage

POLK COUNTY, Mo. – Shortly after 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning authorities responded to the scene of a fatal crash on Route T, two miles southwest of Bolivar, Missouri. Killed in the crash was the superintendent of Dadeville schools 48-year old Matthew Bushey of Bolivar. A 17-year-old also in the vehicle was transported with serious injuries to a Springfield Missouri hospital. Missouri State Highway patrol says a Ford f-150 crossed the center line and struck the Bushey vehicle head on. The pickup was driven by a 16-year-old male from Bolivar. His name was not released. In a statement on their website the Dadeville school district shared the news of Bushey’s passing. Click here to read more about this story and the full statement.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The city held a public meeting to discuss a property tax levy in the city. The council approved an ordinance that includes a tax levy on the Joplin public library.
Joplin says the city property tax represents a very small portion of the overall property tax liability for the citizens of Joplin. To read more about this story, click here.

PITTSBURG, Ks. – The “PSU In Paraguay” program has a new director. Angela Moots, who served as the university’s study abroad coordinator, brings a lot of traveling experience to the program. The 15-year-old program has students from Paraguay come finish their college degree in Pittsburg. She encourages students on campus to take a trip abroad to learn about the different cultures. According to Moots, the experience traveling brings can help people later on in their lives. Click here if you’d like to read more about “PSU In Paraguay” and the program’s new director.

CARTHAGE, Mo. – One Million Cups hit the road to Carthage. Every Wednesday they meet for coffee while two entrepreneurs speak to local chamber members about their business. The purpose of these meetings is to help get feedback and empower small business owners. One Million Cups is a non-profit organization with more than a 160 chapters across the county. For more information on this story, click here.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: In less than 24 hours the issue of student loan debt became the big news story when the White House announced its plan to reduce student loan debt. The news brings a sense of relief for Americans struggling to pay off their student loans, but the news is not without controversy. Critics ask what about the Americans who managed to pay off their student loans, or where will the money come from to cover the price tag? Which side of the issue are you on? Head over to our Instapoll section and make your opinion heard.