Whataburger location approved by Joplin City Council

JOPLIN, Mo. — Monday evening during the Joplin City Council regular scheduled meeting the Whataburger site proposal, already approved by staff, was placed before the council for approval.

No one spoke in favor or stood up to oppose the Council Bill 052-22 Site Plan Review: 2014 S Rangeline/2019 S Highview Ave.

Whataburger proposed site plan

This is a popular request… This is an administrative review for a proposed fast food restaurant, located on the west of side S Rangeline at 2014 S Rangeline Road.  The zoning is actually C3.  It permits fast food restaurants by right.  What we are doing tonight is reviewing the site plan.  It is in a planned overlay district which requires for you, for this body, to review the plans and approve them. Staff has performed a review of the plans that meet our requirements for the new zoning code and also meet requirements for parking, set-back, landscaping and access as well. Joplin Creek is partially located on this property.  [Commission] recommends approval of the site plans with a vote of 6-0.” – Troy Bolander, Dir. Planning, Development & Neighborhood Services

It passed unanimously by Joplin City Council after a few short questions about accessibility to the property by delivery trucks. A representative from Whataburger, Mr. Patrick DeNavdo, Pittsburgh, PA, spoke as a representative of MS Consultants on the site plan review. He was present to answer any questions on behalf of Whatabrands, Inc. for the council as he had the commission previously.

There is no timeline on the building or opening of the restaurant.  The Army Corps of Engineers must still approve the direction and containment of Joplin Stream which runs through the property Bolander said.  Also the building plans must be approved to meet city standards.

FROM AGENDA SITE PLAN REVIEW: Whatabrands is requesting the review of this site plan for a new restaurant location located primarily on 2014 S. Range Line Rd. with addition access through 2019 S. Highview Ave. The developer is awaiting site plan approval before submitting plans for a building permit. No permit will be granted until site plans are approved by the City Council.

Restaurant developments are permitted by right in the C-3 zoning district, however, the PD Planned Development Overlay requires a Site Plan Review by both the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council before development may proceed.

The proposed site plan meets all requirements under the zoning code, including, but not limited to, parking minimums and setbacks, landscaping, access management, and property line setbacks.

Joplin Creek runs to the West, coming under Range Line Rd., through the North side of the subject property, and continuing on along E. 20th St. The developer is planning to use box culverts to channel the creek underground, essentially continuing the box culverts that carry the creek under Range Line, until the creek would daylight again behind Jiffy Lube. This work is reviewed by the City, but also reviewed and approved by the Army Corps. of Engineers.

Agenda Site Plan Review Whataburger

Landscaping is provided along near the building, in the parking lot, and along the street frontage and property lines. This is serviced by an irrigation system. The dumpster is within an enclosure that has additional landscaping screening around it. The site lighting plan indicates that on-site lighting will be below 1 footcandle at each property line.

Proposed signage is adequately scaled and meets the requirements of the existing sign code.



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