Center opens in Newton County to help Missouri flood survivors

A FEMA Disaster Recovery Center is opening Monday, Feb. 29, in Neosho and will cease operations at noon on Saturday, March 5. Individuals and businesses in any of the 33 Missouri counties included in the Jan. 21, 2016, Missouri federal disaster declaration may find in-person support at the center. Recovery specialists from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and other agencies will be at the center to discuss aid and assist anyone …

#NeverTrump campaign targets Republicans repulsed by The Donald

It’s hard to understand the Donald J. Trump phenomenon, this Frankenstein-like monster who so many moderates and conservatives feel appalled and threatened by. While a large number of people have been voting for “change” in Washington — and a Trump reign in the White House certainly has that promise — a quieter majority of folks across America believe that his damage to the Republican party could turn out to be irreparable.

Trump is the GOP's own Frankenstein monster, and now they're horrified

The story of “Frankenstein” was first published in 1818, and the GOP is just now starting to understand the moral of it. The #NeverTrump campaign is rallying behind Marco Rubio, whose campaign manager, Terry Sullivan, must be advising him that the only way to WIN this horrid election is to use the same playground tactics that Donald Trump popularized and has put his candidate on the trail saying some pretty unsightly things.

5 things to know about the week of Feb. 29

March is almost upon us, and in many places south of the old Mason-Dixon line, this means springtime is finally here. Ball players report to camp, trees begin to bloom, grasses start turning green. The winds shift. Skies lighten to bluer days, and in these Weird Times humans buzz about by the tens of thousands at strange political rallies headlined by one famous real estate mogul claiming to Make America Great Again.