McKinley Elementary presented with check from Subaru of America

JOPLIN, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news…

Thanks to a long-time friendship, one Joplin elementary school was granted with a check to help further its students learning.

McKinley Elementary School received a check of 5,000 dollars from Subaru of America.

On top of that, Fletcher Auto Group donated a check of 561 dollars.

The money was raised from a 24 hour walk that started at Subaru and ended in Fairland, Oklahoma, and will be divided among all teachers to help better the learning of their students.

“This money allows us to go above and beyond for our students. Whether it be during the school day, maybe an after school club or activity, tutoring through reading or math, it’s great, it’s fantastic,” said Jason Riddle – McKinley Elementary Principal

“It was a hard challenge. I mean, when you think about walking for 24 hours, you have to be mentally prepared. But, when you know that the cause is bigger than you than there’s no quit, you just go until you can’t go anymore,” said Ann Onyango – Fletcher Auto-Group Sales Consultant.

Ann adds she didn’t want to do the walk at first, but looking back at it, she’s glad she did.


KCU-Joplin welcomes two married couples for the first time

JOPLIN, Mo. — In tonight’s dose of good news, a local university is seeing a surprising enrollment.

Two married couples recently started physician school at KCU-Joplin. Both couples tell me it was a challenge getting accepted into the same program.

“It’s very hard to get into medical school itself and then to get into the same medical school,” said Brianne Werner, KCU-Joplin Student.

Kansas City University-Joplin is recognizing a first.

The school has two married couples attending their first year of physician school.

“100 percent easier having my spouse with me. We suspect although we have no frame of reference. It has not been easy but its probably been better with us both being together,” said Ben and Holly Weeks, KCU-Joplin Students.

Ben and Holly Weeks got married in May and are high school sweethearts. They want to specialize in family medicine and hope to open their own practice after graduation.

“Her parents are practicing in her hometown and we would like to go back there. And they’ve welcomed us to hurry up and get over there so they can retire and be family practice,” said Ben Weeks.

Brianne Werner and Zach Werner got married in 2019 and have been together since middle school.

They say them both attending the same physician school since July has been a great experience.

“I think it’s a benefit. I think some of our friends have expressed to us a little jealously that we can bounce ideas off each other. Just to have each other learn and grow,” said Brianne Werner.

“Kind of hold the other one accountable, make sure we are on it at all times,” said Zach Werner, KCU-Joplin Student.

Both couples are part of the 2025 graduating class.

“The odds of having several married couples is not that great. We do have a married couple in another class which we though was unusual. But this has been truly unique to have two,” said Shannon Peterson, Assistant Director Of Student Affairs.

Both couples started physician school in July and are taking the same classes.

Both couples say they have different study methods so they learn the material separately and quiz each other.


Northwest Arkansas group donates bikes to University of Arkansas students

FAYETTEVILLE, Arkans. — In tonight’s dose of good news…

A northwest Arkansas organization made a special donation to a University of Arkansas group.

The organization ‘Pedal It Forward’ donated 20 bikes during the U-of-A ‘Bike Block Party’ last week — to help international students who may need transportation.

Kenny Williams of ‘Pedal It Forward’ says the donation is a great way to help students on campus.

“A bike provides a way for them to get around, explore Fayetteville, get outside and be with friends, and also have a recreational opportunity built in,” said Kenny Williams, ‘Pedal It Forward.’

“The bike will kinda help me to easily go to anywhere I want to go to, unless it’s too far,” said Victor Onwukwe, UA Student from Nigeria.

‘Pedal It Forward’ is a Benton County based non-profit group that helps give bicycles to people that may not be able to afford one.


Anderson man quickly solves McDonald County schools' bread crisis

ANDERSON, Mo. — An Anderson man has stepped up to help make sure McDonald county students have food on their plates.

His name is Quade Wilson.

And you could say he’s been a bread winner for the school district over the past week.

National labor and supply shortages have caused many companies not to have the resources they need in order to meet normal business. Unfortunately, the McDonald County School District faced this problem.

The district’s food management company “Opaa!” was notified its bread supplier would no longer be providing the company bread.

Hearing this, the district’s milk vendor Quade Wilson started making calls. Wilson partnered with Harris Baking Company out of Rogers, Arkansas, bought a new truck, and will now be providing bread to every school in the district.

“I was actually having a conversation over at Anderson Elementary with my kitchen manager and Quade was there, he overheard me say something about we were looking for someone to deliver bread for us, and he very gently said ‘You know what I might be able to help you with that,'” said Janie Daugherty, McDonald County School District Director of Nutrition.

“My own kids being there, plus we’re very involved in our community, we just wanted to fill a position, fill a void that was needed before they couldn’t feed the children,” said Quade Wilson, Rubio LLC Manager.

“Opaa!” presented wilson with a service award Thursday afternoon.

The first bread shipments are expected to start going out for distribution on Friday throughout the weekend.

The bread service will go on to help feed approximately 35 hundred kids in the district.

The school system offers three meals, so this could end helping close to 10.5 thousand meals a day.


City of Stella community working to paint third mural

STELLA, Mo. — One rural southwest Missouri town is bringing the community together to help show the history of their town.

With over 20 murals located all throughout Newton County, there are only two in Stella.

So, to help show the history of the town, the community is coming together to paint a third one.

“I just really like being able to have a part in helping the community out, and kind of helping their vision come to life and bring something they can be proud about to the community,” said Sandra Pemberton, Muralist.

While there might not be many who live in Stella, many know the history.

So to commemorate it, the mural is showcasing the old Cardwell hospital, the founder of Stella, Moses Eagle, and his granddaughter Stella who the town is named after.

“The community of Stella is just maybe 200, but it’s surrounded by a lot of people that call Stella their home. So, this history will speak to them, many of them remember parts of it,” said Steve Roark, Newton County Tourism Council President:

“To me that’s what it’s all about. It’s about the people that have lived here, that kind of built it up and contributed to Southwest Missouri,” said Pemberton.

Roark adds the mural does more than commemorate the town, but brings in the finishing touches.

“I’ve been to Stella all my life. My father before me had been down here all of his life. And, so, this is kind of a closure I guess on recognizing the history of this wonderful community,” said Roark.

The mural is expected to be finished by next week.


CoxHealth showed appreciation to first responders through their Giving Back event

LAMAR, MO – In tonight’s dose of good news… CoxHealth officials are showing appreciation to some of the men and women who do so much for the health system.

Today, at CoxHealth Barton County in Lamar, first responders were treated to free lunchboxes.

Burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries, water, and soft drinks.

All part of the health system’s annual Giving Back event.

“It’s pretty routine for them to bring in patients to all of our hospitals, but you know what it could be a fire alarm in our hospital, and so it’s really important for us to show this community how much they mean to us.” Says Alan Butler, CoxHealth System Director of Public Safety and Security.

This is the 6th year CoxHealth has done this for first responders.


A 9 year old girl is selling lemonade, and every penny is going back to the community

JACKSON, MI – In tonight’s dose of good news… A 9 year old girl in Jackson, Michigan is hosting a personal fundraiser, in hopes to help the community she lives in.

Meet Faith Murdock.

“Would you like some lemonade?” Says Faith Murdock, Faith’s Heavenly Lemonade Stand.

She sets up shot every week with her mom Kayla in front of their house or church with her own lemonade stand.

But she’s not putting a cent in her piggy bank.

Faith wants to give every dollar made back to the people in her community that need it right now.

“Because I thought one good deed could start a chain reaction.” Faith says.

It’s an idea she says came to her one night after watching the news and seeing the need in her community.

“When I dreamed about having a lemonade stand I decided to copy my dream.” Faith says.

So far she’s raised more than $1,000, giving the money to the families affected by the tragedy at Faster Horses or to kids in need to buy school supplies, another idea she had after seeing kids show up to class without a backpack.

“The schools can probably use them for their school supplies for art projects or they can let the kids borrow it.” Faith says.

Her mom who’s helped her along the way says seeing what her daughter has done and how the communities come together in support, is teaching her a new lesson.

“Alone like we can do so little. But together we can just do so much more than what we’re pretty much capable of doing. If we just come together, like the world just comes together.” Kayla says.

They call it Faith it, till you make it.

A slogan fitted across t-shirts that she’s also selling.

With a hope to inspire others to give back when people need it most.

“What comes out of this is something really good.” Faith says.


The Ronald McDonald van has a new look, and it was free of charge

JOPLIN, MO – In tonight’s dose of good news… You could say it’s a billboard on wheels for a Joplin non-profit.

The van for the Ronald McDonald House has a new look.

Signs Designs of Joplin teamed up with the Tri-State Sign Association to put a new wrap on the vehicle, and they did it free of charge.

“So from the design process it usually takes about a week depending upon what graphics we already have, and photographs and such, and then once we print it’s about a two day process in printing and then the wrap takes about one day, it’s great advertising, you know, in a community the size of Joplin, if you have a vehicle that’s out and about on a daily basis, you’ll get over a million impressions a year.” Says John Hipple, President, Sign Designs.

This is the second time in 5 years Signs Designs has wrapped the van.


100 year old woman has a Guinness World Record for being the oldest powerlifter

TAMPA, FL – In tonight’s dose of good news… Edith Murway-Traina started lifting weights nearly a decade ago.

Over the weekend, she hit the century mark, and at 100 years old, she’s still going strong.

Edith is a force.

Known for her lifting what’s even more impressive is that she did it all while pushing 100.

Today Edith turns 100 years old and she is taking the powerlifting circuit by storm. She hails from Tampa, Florida and is already a Guinness World Record holder.

The oldest female competitive powerlifter.

This centenarian can deadlift 165lbs and bench press 65lbs.

Her strength and determination have made her an online sensation.

“As a performer and a dancer, the applause was always a very important part of my enjoyment.” Edith says.

Edith says she didn’t start lifting until she was 91 after she saw friends doing it. At first, it was just a hobby.

“I picked up a few bars, and they got to be fun.” Edith says.

That fun has turned into a passion. This great, great grandmother and former dance teacher has competed in more than a dozen competitions.

And shows no signs of stopping. She’s already preparing for another one in November.

“I’m expecting in November I will have another trophy with a whole bunch of applause.” Edith says.

So, what’s her secret?

“I became more aware of the need that people have to be recognized for who they are, and it’s the most beautiful thing. And I think I survive on that mostly myself.” Edith says.


Goodman Police Officers are shopping for school supplies for kids this year

GOODMAN, MO – In today’s dose of good news… With the start of school quickly approaching, the Goodman Police Department is doing more than just fighting crime.

Officers are accepting monetary donations to shop for school supplies for kids.

What’s more, the officers will match the amount of money raised.

It’s the first year the department has done this.

“We planned on using our own money, and sponsoring some kids. It got bigger than what we planned which is a good thing. So here soon with some donations, and our own money we plan on going to Walmart with a list from the school district.” Says Carter Graue, Goodman Police Officer.

Donations can be taken directly to the Goodman Police Department or City Hall.