"Food for America" educates on farm-to-table process

Kids helping younger kids on this, the last day of school before the Thanksgiving break.

This is all part of the high school “FFA’s” “Food for America” program.

Students educated kids from Wildwood Elementary on the farm-to-table process.

It’s something they do every year.

“Usually a pretty good response. They like the hands-on things, they get to see the animals. They get to learn some neat facts about the animals, and then we have a hands-on activity on what soil is. They’re gettin’ to make soil dirt cups,” said Jeff Rush, SHS Ag Instructor.

“We were using chocolate pudding, crunched up Oreos and crunched up graham crackers. The pudding was the clay, the graham cracker was sand and Oreos was seal, and when you mix it together, showing them like what loam was, which is perfect soil mixture for growing crops,” said Baron Ellis, SHS FFA President.

The payoff, the kids could eat the finished product.

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