How to have leaves collected in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. — If you haven’t already raked your leaves to the curb – now’s the time.

Weather permitting, the “City of Joplin” will begin its annual “Residential Leaf Pick-Up Program” Monday.

Two crews will start picking up leaves in outlying areas, working their way toward the middle of the city until complete.

If you’re looking to dispose of leaves on your own, you can take them to the “Joplin Compost Facility.”

It’s located at 3457 Eddy Lane in Joplin and is open daily during daylight hours.

The city asks that no trash bags, brush, or tree limbs be left.

Here’s a link to the city’s leaf-pick-up map, where you can see when the crews will get to your neighborhood.


Catching up with travelers this holiday weekend

AAA estimates nearly 49 Million people likely traveled by car this holiday weekend.

And, Sunday, is right up there with one of the busiest travel days as everyone heads home.

We caught up with a few travelers at the “Missouri Welcome Center.”

“Today we are celebrating our 26th marriage anniversary and this is the first time on the road. We enjoyed it this year because we could come out because in 2019-20 we were at home not doing any travel. I didn’t think the travel was that bad either on the return.” said the Kumar Family. “I feel like it’s nice driving back to school instead of flying so you can spend more time with friends and family.”

Doing great, we’re driving back from Houston actually, to Missouri, up to Columbia yeah, yeah we’re right in Missouri.” said the Herbert Family. “We just crossed over into Missouri that’s right, we’re on our way to Columbia. Yeah, there was definitely more traffic, I would say, this year than in previous years, it seems like more people are out on the roads to be sure. The restaurants were a lot more crowded,”

“We had a great time while we were down there. My two granddaughters are going home with us and we get to St. Louis and then we’re gonna go on to Chicago
You know it’s really not been too bad but it is a lot heavier this year than the last two years, gas prices are a lot higher.” said Jack Hembree.

“We did until the COVID outbreak. This is the first time in three years, so gas prices are much higher but other than that it’s pretty much the same,” said Ed Simmons. “After staying for four days I was ready to come home.”

What are some tips for a long road trip?

“Know your stops, don’t push yourself. You feel sleepy, go to sleep, you know, don’t push too much because you might wake up in a rolled over the vehicle, so…” said Greg Icenogle “There’s definitely an anticipation to get there, but for whatever reason, it’s always faster just getting home, and I don’t know why, but it just doesn’t seem like it takes as long to get home as it does there.”


Candlelight vigil in Mercy Park

JOPLIN, Mo. — The “JOMO Pride” group took time this evening to remember the victims of the tragic “Club Q” shooting in Colorado Springs.

A few dozen gathered under the pavilion at “Mercy Park” tonight for a candlelight vigil.

It’s a way to honor the five lives lost and the several injured after a gunman opened fire at the club last weekend.

The “JOMO Pride” group says it’s important that all voices are heard as the losses last weekend impacted many all over the country.

“I think, you know, us coming together as a community, you know, and showing strength, we feel what they feel. Just because we’re not in the same city doesn’t mean that we don’t have pain for what they’re going through,” said Stephanie Marsh, JOMO Pride Organizer.

The evening concluded as each victim’s name was read out loud before a “silent walk.”


Joplin woman has collected over 300 "Hallmark" ornaments

JOPLIN, Mo. — A local woman has likely set the Christmas tree decorating bar high for you.

Meet Marsha Lattimer and her Christmas tree covered in over 300 “Hallmark” ornaments.

She’s been collecting these dazzling and interactive ornaments since 1995.

Each one resembles a special memory for her, like her son’s favorite toys growing up.

They’re all intricately placed, leaving no room for bare spots.

This year, she put her tree up right after Halloween, but even after initially putting it up, she makes adjustments until it is absolutely perfect.

The entire tree brings a sense of nostalgia and Christmas magic.

“Sometimes I’ll just be sitting there drinking my coffee or just sitting, relaxing and just looking at the tree and it just brings back memories and just good times. Just seeing them and, it just takes me back. The good old days were the good old days, they were the best,” said Marsha Lattimer.

Every year, she gets more ornaments to add to her special tree of memories.


Science of cooking event held by "Creative Learning Alliance"

JOPLIN, Mo. — Some local kiddos used a bit of science knowledge, today, to create food items.

The “Creative Learning Alliance” in Joplin provided a hands-on “STEM” learning experience, using edible materials.

Kids made homemade butter by shaking cream and salt together in a jar.

Other activities included learning how taste buds work when tasting sour, salty and sweet foods like limes, chips, and candy.

They also learned some chemistry by making pink lemonade “spheres”.

These spheres were liquid, but a unique calcium bond with water gave them that jello-like texture.

“The concepts become real when you do, the learning is in the doing. And so, we want the kids to be hands-on and to take those experiences home with them so that they never leave their minds,” said Neely Myers, Project Coordinator, Creative Learning Alliance.

The next event for the “Creative Learning Alliance” will be a Breakfast with Santa event.

It will take place on December 3rd, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in the morning, at the “Joplin Museum Complex”.


How "Black Saturday" is helping local businesses

JOPLIN, Mo. — You’ve definitely heard of “Black Friday”, but there’s also a “Black Saturday”.

It’s another way to encourage shopping at local small businesses.

Today, the “Front Page” store in Joplin held their own Black Saturday event.

On top of great bargains, the business also offered food trucks in their parking lot, like “Hubbs Bbq” and “Filipino Food.”

The store’s owner says it’s already been one of the best Christmas seasons they’ve had in their 38-year history.

And despite the rain, hundreds of shoppers made their way to the store to support their local economy.

“The money stays here, we’re able to, you know, give it back to our employees and the landlord and everything, you know, just able to keep more money in the community and all that, and able to support more local businesses,” said Jon Page, Owner, Front Page.

Their fun is not over with yet.

Even though the store is closed on Sundays, you can still “Shop the Comments” by visiting the store’s Facebook page to claim items to pick up on Monday.

The “Shop the Comments” items are all in the comment section of the pinned post.

We have a link to their Facebook page, which you can visit here.


"Tri-State Model Railroaders" holds biannual event

JOPLIN, Mo. — Local train enthusiasts were right on track with their hobby, today in Joplin.

The “Tri-State Model Railroaders” group held the second “Train Show and Swap Meet” of the year, at the “Joplin History and Mineral Museum”.

Two shows are held each year, with one in the spring and one in the fall.

The group was established in 2005, and has hosted shows since then.

Up to 700 hobbyists attend shows, looking to buy, sell or trade model trains and layouts.

It’s also a time to share passions with others.

Many group members have created intricate layouts of local towns, the way they remember them as a child.

“It’s a great way to re-live nostalgia with, you know, you don’t have it in front of you anymore, but you can kind of, it hearkens a lot of people’s memories and I like seeing people react to seeing a store, or something like that, ‘I remember that when I was a kid!’ I love that kind of stuff, that reaction,” said Jim Taylor, Member, Tri-State Model Railroaders Group.

Today’s show featured over 55 tables of layouts and items.

All proceeds raised from admission will benefit the “Joplin History and Mineral Museum”.


Joplin Memorial Run registration is open

JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s officially time to register for the 12th Annual Freeman Joplin Memorial Run 2023. Registration kicked off Friday for Joplin’s biggest running event.

The May 20th race at Cunningham Park includes the Freeman Half-Marathon, the Sparklight 10K, the Liberty 5k, and the Sign Designs Kids’ Half-Mile Run.

You have until December 1st to take advantage of the lowest registration prices. The very last day to sign-up is May 17th.

Every year, the Joplin Memorial Run honors the 161 victims of the 2011 Joplin tornado. It’s also a way to celebrate the community’s strength in overcoming the destruction and loss.

Next year’s theme celebrates Joplin’s 150th anniversary. If you’re interested in registering for the race, you can follow this link here.


Joplin Thanksgiving tradition continues for 24th year

JOPLIN, Mo. — A Thanksgiving tradition—24 years in the making, continued for the Joplin First United Methodist Church as they hosted their annual community Thanksgiving dinner. This year’s event marked a return to a dine-in format — after two years of serving drive-thru meals.

“It was started because we realized that people needed a place to come and have Thanksgiving together. And so that’s really what this is. It’s not a handout plate. It’s a gather-together meal,” said Marshall Hogue, Church member.

The Church’s objective is to create a family atmosphere.

“Being so far away from home I haven’t gone to spend Thanksgiving with my own family since my freshman year. So I mean I get to these kids are like my own and these parents are like some of my like, relatives now. Like I really feel like I’m still at home,” said Riley Laber, MSSU Soccer.

Preparing and serving the meals has been a collaborative effort.

“We have people in the kitchen making food, people making drinks. People brought in all kinds of pies and pretty sure we’re gonna have enough pies left over to take home as well. But there’s a couple of different aspects. You’ve got people here serving in the room, and then we’ve got another room in the back that is helping with takeout orders and delivery orders,” said Justin Maskus, Church member. “Part of our mission is to serve our community. And we want to make sure that we can continue to serve our community and make sure that there’s a reason for us here at 4th and Myers. And so this is just one aspect of this.”

Everyone was excited to be dining inside together this year.

“Now for it to be inside and to get to see the meals actually getting served is going to be I mean, it’s going to be a sight for me. I’m really excited to see it. See who all comes, how many people from the community feeds that we’ve had come in. The families come in, just whoever wants to is honestly welcome here,” said Maskus.


Volunteers gathered to serve free meals in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. — A Thanksgiving tradition continued for a Joplin organization. Every year, the Salvation Army of Jasper and Newton Counties prepares a free Thanksgiving meal for the community. Families and local businesses donate turkeys and other food items year-round to help continue the tradition.

Volunteers from Shiloh Baptist Church, St. Peters Church, and other community members helped deliver, prepare, and serve the food.

“So the to-go meals are for those who are homebound. They can’t get out, they can’t be able to make it up here to our Thanksgiving Day meal. And so we’ll have our Thanksgiving Day meal here for our in-house service between 12 and one today. So for families that can’t be, don’t have a happy Thanksgiving, or aren’t able to have a family or are able to afford Thanksgiving, we’ll have a hot Thanksgiving meal available for them,” said Nathan Hicks, Volunteer Coordinator.

Plans are in the works for the Salvation Army to host the same event on Christmas Day.