Mercy adds new room for cesarean mothers

JOPLIN, Mo. — A growing need at Mercy Hospital Joplin has resulted in a much-needed new space. A second “C-Section Suite” is now open for mothers and their families.

One c-section operating room has been in use since the hospital opened in 2015, but the facility has seen an increase in births over the last several years.

Father Brian Straus from St. Peter’s was there to provide the blessing.

It took the project — no joke — 9 months to become reality. This allows every need associated with the birth of a child to stay on one floor.

“It alleviates a little bit of the anxiety that no doubt goes with an emergency delivery, and allows them to stay here on this floor, with the rest of their family, and their baby goes to the nursery or the NICU, also on this floor, until the mother’s back in her room and all be together,” said Dr. Elizabeth Barlet, Mercy Joplin L&D Medical Director.

A $1.3 million contribution from the Mercy Foundation as well as a $125,000 gift from a private donor — made the room possible.

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