Webb City church celebrates local moms

WEBB CITY, Mo. – Webb City’s Church of the Nazarene got into the Mother’s Day spirit Sunday by kicking things off with a family portrait session.

But since this special day is all about mom, there were plenty of individual photos of the kids taken too.

One local mom and church member tells KOAM why those individual photos of her children are so precious to her.

“I like the group photos but I also like the individual ones because (my kids) are older now so I don’t get the individual pictures as much anymore because they’re always somewhere else,” said Traci Henson.

And the Webb City Church of the Nazarene wasn’t the only Webb City location doing something special for moms on Mother’s Day.

The Just a Taste restaurant in Webb City hosted a special Mother’s Day brunch throughout the weekend.


Fire breaks out at Joplin auto shop

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Route 66 Auto Center in Joplin caught fire earlier today. 

Fire officials at the scene said a car caught fire inside the auto shop. The owner witnessed the fire on their security cameras and called the fire department.

They also said due to it being a body shop, the chemicals within the shop may have played a part in the blaze.

Joplin, Diamond, Carthage, and Webb City’s fire departments were called in to fight the fire alongside Duenweg’s Fire Department. 

It was reported that they had a car on fire inside the structure. It’s a body shop. it is naturally prone to be able to burn just because of some of the chemicals that they have inside. The fire progressed to the point that it is going to be a total loss on the building,” said Howard Reding, Duenweg Fire Chief.

The fire was contained within the building. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined, but officials have ruled the fire an accident.


Kansas City University-Joplin medical school holds first graduation ceremony

JOPLIN, Mo. –Kansas City University Joplin’s medical school held their first ever graduation for their Joplin campus on Sunday. 

The ceremony was held at Missouri Southern State University to ensure social distancing. 

Some procedures were modified such as mask wearing and limiting guest size.

During the pandemic the school transitioned to online learning for a bit, but students were able to receive hands on learning and prepare for the workforce, and were able to celebrate their hard work in person this weekend.

“So we were so blessed today that for the first graduation in Joplin we were able to get together as a community,” said Laura Rosch, Dean of Kansas City University’s Joplin campus. 

“I’ve been telling myself since high school, you know med school graduation is really what I’m interested in, that’s the stage I wanna walk across, everything else is just a stepping stone to get there, and when the pandemic came and I thought oh, I may not get to do the walk, I was a little disappointed I won’t lie. But being able to be here and actually physically walk across the stage and have one of my mentors in medicine…has been fantastic,” said graduate Michael Weaver.

131 new doctors emerged from today’s graduation ceremony.




“Glamping” gaining popularity in four-states

JANE,Mo.–Glamping, or glamourous camping is gaining popularity, especially in the four state area.

Instead of traditional tents with sleeping bags, glampers are treated to tents with beds, coffee machines, and even decorations like a chandelier.

This mother’s day, the Wilson family from Joplin ventured down to Little Sugar Farmhouse in Jane, Missouri to see what glamping is all about. 

“Had a comfortable bed, just like that storm came through last night, those tents held up wonderful, if we were in a regular tent we would’ve blown away, we would’ve been Toto all the way in Tulsa,” said Tabitha Wilson.

She added that it’s fancier than normal camping experiences.

“It’s classier, you’re not sleeping on the floor…it has the outlets, the fancy beds, the pillows, the chairs,” Wilson said.

She also said that it allows people that aren’t as into the outdoors a chance to experience them.

“People that wouldn’t go outside because of the bugs, they’ll go outside now…some people don’t even know how to set up a tent, well you don’t need to know how, you can come here.”





Route 66 hot spot up for sale in Carterville

CARTERVILLE, Mo. – A unique treasure along Historic Route 66 has closed its doors and is now up for sale. We decided to stop by this roadside treasure and find out more.

Up on the wall, by the door, in the case, it’s Superman! All at the Superman Museum and Ice Cream Parlor along Carterville’s Main Street run by Larry Tamminen. Why Superman? “Well, Superman was my hero…and it was a big hero…and he still is.”

It’s been an iconic staple along Route 66 since 2006, Tamminen says people from across the globe have paid a visit, giving him a number of unique items. “It’s just stuff like that that’s real personal.”

Including parts of his impressive collection. “Some of this stuff was gave to me, of course, people know that I collect, ‘you want this?’, ‘well yea, give it to me.’”

But now, the sign inviting you in is inviting you to buy a little piece of history, as Tamminen has decided, to close down. “It’s I hate to do it, kids just love it, you meet people from all over the world, I mean travelers from all over it’s really sharp you wouldn’t believe it.”

He’s got a guest book make that, several guest books, signed by visitors from places across the U.S. and the world many written in their native languages. They came for his collection and his famous ice cream flavors, bins, that will now sit empty. As for his reason for closing up shop… “Mainly the body, Superman’s body here, but that’s, yea, 70 years old and retired.”

He’s hopeful somebody with Superman’s strength will swoop in and save the day.

If you’re interested in being Carterville’s new super hero you can find out more from the Supertam Facebook page by clicking here.


A Baxter Springs organization celebrates the efforts of a very special team of horses

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — A Baxter Springs organization celebrates the efforts of a very special team of horses.

The month long fundraiser Run for the Roses has wrapped up for the Horses For Hope.

The organization’s horses offer therapeutic riding lessons to children and adults with disabilities.

The fundraiser started back in 2019 for the month leading up to the Kentucky Derby.

This year it gained even more support.

It even had enough donations to run two separate online auctions.

Vallerie Sweeton, Horses for Hope Co-Founder, says, “Fundraising has been really hard in the era of Covid, so we are so excited with how well this fundraiser went and how much support we had from our community and our participants.”

The money raised will go towards the care of all of the horses in the organization.

Team Rowdy took first place, raising over $1,600 out of the organizations $7,300.


The Fast and the Furriest Drift 5K Run and Walk held Saturday in Webb City

WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Joplin Humane Society had their own version of Fast and the Furious Saturday – it was just a little hairier.

The Fast and the Furriest Drift 5K Run and Walk took place in King Jack Park in Webb City.

Proceeds raised from the run will go to the shelter to help it provide medical care and support to the nearly 10 thousand homeless pets in the area.

With the shelter entering one of it’s busiest times of the year, it says now was the perfect time to host the run.

Tianna Fisher, Joplin Humane Society Shelter Services Manager, says, “Right now is puppy and kitten season, so we have anywhere from 10 to thirty puppies and kittens at a time coming through our doors almost on a daily basis.”

Anthony Howard came in first place for the race overall, and he was shortly followed by Henry who was the first dog to finish.


Neosho Cruise Night returned for a second year

NEOSHO, Mo. — After gaining popularity among many people in 2020 Neosho Cruise Night has returned for a second year.

Many people took to the streets of Neosho this evening with their classic cars, jeeps, pickup trucks, and more.

Event organizers say this event brings people of all ages outside for a time of fellowship, along with helping local businesses throughout the city.

Codi Pogue, Cruise Organizer, says, “I like having this where we’ve got a lot of area to park and hang out. It brings a lot of people together. A lot of people you don’t see all the time. That’s really my whole thing with it is getting people out of the house, get back to the old school crusin’…Hanging out, getting people together verses just social media. It’s just an all-around, good family fun event.”

Plans are currently ongoing for the next cruise to be held on Saturday, June 26 — in conjunction with the city’s Independence Day event Celebrate Neosho.

Organizers say they intend to have an Organized Cruise Route throughout the city.


Unidentified man found in the Neosho River

MIAMI, Okla. — The Grand River Dam Authority is investigating after a body was found earlier Saturday in the Neosho River, south of Riverview Park in Miami.

The body was that of a white male, around 5’8 to 5’10 and 165-180 pounds with reddish brown hair, a mustache and goatee.

The body has yet to be identified.

If anyone has any information, you are asked to contact the Grand River Dam Authority at 918-256-0911, or your local law enforcement agency.

More information will be released as the investigation continues.