Miami man sentenced to over four years for beating, victim now a paraplegic

TULSA, Okla. – A Miami man was sentenced Friday to over four years to be served in a federal prison for attacking a schoolmate and leaving him a paraplegic.

Jace Christian Williams, 23, was sentenced to 51 months and three years probation.  A restitution hearing is set for Aug. 26, online records show.

Williams pleaded guilty in February in U.S. District Court to assault resulting in serious bodily injury in Indian Country in the 2017 assault on Owen Looper.

John Dunn, Williams attorney, called his client “an All-American boy” and asked for leniency, including probation and community service, online records show.

Federal prosecutors sought a tougher sentence.

The near-deadly assault centered on a rumor circulating indicating Williams was wanting to engage in a threesome sexual act with two women, the court document states. 

Multiple witnesses saw Williams suddenly approach Looper from behind and wrapped his arms around Looper’s body, lifted him backward, and slammed him head-first onto the ground.   Once the victim was on the ground, Williams proceeded to punch Looper in the back repeatedly and then spat on him, according to the statement released in February by U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson.

Court documents filed before Friday’s sentencing hearing show Dunn referred to the altercation that left Looper with a C6-7 fracture and paralyzed as a “fight”. 

A transcript shows a different story from witness Bryce Waybright.

Q. Bryce, Mr. Dunn asked you how long a fight lasted. Would you characterize for this jury what you saw happen to Owen as a fight?

A. Absolutely not.

Q. Okay. Explain what you mean when you say “absolutely not.”

A. Owen didn’t have a chance to fight back, to defend himself.

Q. And that’s why you wouldn’t call what you saw a fight?

A. An attack.

Q. I’m sorry. You said an attack?

A. An attack, more or less.

Q. So you’re saying an attack would be a more fair characterization of what you saw happen to Owen?

A. Yes.

 Emily Wagner’s testimony was in agreement.

Q. Counsel for defendant asked you whether a fight lasted very long. Did you see a fight out there?

A. No. I seen someone attack another person that didn’t have a chance to fight back.

Trial testimony showed in the days leading up to the crime, Williams told a student that he was going to make sure Looper could not “use his arms or legs for five months,” according to a statement.


Branson man faces prison time for Instagram threat to LA deputies

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — A Branson, Missouri man who promised “there will be blood” in a social media threat to Los Angeles deputies is facing federal prison time for his Instagram inanity.

Prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Missouri said Joshua Bippert, 27, pleaded guilty Wednesday to transmitting a threat across state lines to injure another person.

Bippert admitted to sending the threat on Sept. 20, 2020, in response to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s post about the arrest of a felon suspected of ambushing two deputies in their patrol car.

In a private message to the department’s Instagram account, Bippert wrote: “Recently a couple of your officers arrested a man for owning a firearm. If you want more of your officers to end up like the two that got shot while sitting in their patrol car then go ahead and keep the charges. Release the man who did nothing wrong but keep his second amendment rights or there will be blood. This is a threat.” [sic]

The following day, Bippert posted a comment on the sheriff’s department’s post: “for me, the most irritating part is living in the midwest and not on the border to California where I could take a nice short drive to water the tree of liberty.” [sic]

Investigators and prosecutors also saw a separate post from Bippert in which he tagged the department: “Forget the constitution. We need to end gun control by any means necessary. Yes I do mean violence.” [sic]

Bippert faces up to five years in prison without parole.


Gas deployed in Quapaw home standoff after felon barricades self inside

QUAPAW, Okla. — A lengthy pursuit and standoff in Quapaw Wednesday ended only after the use of OC gas by a Cherokee Nation tactical team.

Image provided by QNMS

After first responding to a domestic disturbance call involving gunshots on Whitebird St., Quapaw Nation Marshals found that the subject they were looking for fled into a wooded area as they arrived.

As authorities formed a perimeter to begin searching the suspect was found to now be around an elderly housing area; trying random homes in an attempt to evade QNMS. A Marshal did spot the suspect before he again ran from authorities into another wooded area.

QNMS soon learned that their suspect was attempting to get in touch with a friend to form an escape on Cayuga St. Here, another Marshal witnessed the suspect leave their accomplice’s home. The suspect noticed the Marshal as well, and retreated back inside.

The occupants refused to exit at the request of QNMS and continued to barricade the door and windows of the home.

Ryan Miner

QNMS adds in their release that due to the potential danger posed by the suspect (and felon) backup was called. A Cherokee Nation tactical team joined QNMS at the scene and deployed OC gas into the building.

All occupants of the home were extracted without further incident including their main suspect, Ryan Miner. Miner has multiple warrants for his arrest out of Ottawa County.


Suspect arrested after alleged shots fired, pursuit and standoff

QUAPAW, Okla. – A tactical team deploys OC gas into a home in Quapaw, Oklahoma after an incident at a different location and pursuit.

“Due the suspect being a convicted felon, possibly armed and fired the handgun earlier at an individual, he posed a serious danger to the community.” – Quapaw Nation Marshal Service

Domestic Disturbance call, shots fired

According to the Quapaw Nation Marshal Service, the incident started as a reported domestic disturbance involving shots fired on Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities responded to Whitebird Street. When they got there, the Marshal Service states the suspect ran into an adjacent wooded area. Marshals believed the suspect to be armed with a handgun.


Officers set up a perimeter and started searching for the suspect. They say they saw him run into the Elderly Housing area where he tried to find an unlocked home. Marshals chased the suspect into a wooded area. They didn’t find him.

Marshals state a short time later, they learned the suspect asked someone to pick him up at a home on Cayuga Street in Quapaw.

So, that’s where authorities headed.


Once officers arrived at the Cayuga Street home, they say they visually saw the suspect coming out of the home toward the vehicle. The Marshals say the suspect saw them and ran back inside. Officers set up a perimeter and tried to get the occupants to come out.

However, authorities say they refused. Then, officers say it looked like the occupants started throwing items in front of the doors and windows inside the home.

Authorities got a search warrant for the home since no one was coming out. But because the suspect had felony warrants for weapon-related offenses, and because he allegedly discharged a handgun earlier in the day, a Cherokee Nation tactical team was called in.

The tactical team arrived and deployed OC gas into the home. The Marshals Service states they were able to remove occupants from the home safely.

Authorities did not release the name of the suspect in their media release.


Parents allegedly put son in “puppy cage,” other forms of abuse

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – Prosecutors charge a couple for allegedly putting their teenage son in a dog kennel for punishment, among other things.

A Springfield, Missouri prosecutor filed three counts of child abuse against each Joseph and Peggy Flores. A judge issued an arrest warrant on June 2, 2022. Authorities booked them into jail last night.

Investigators allege the couple put their teenage son in a dog kennel for punishment starting in March of 2020. According to court documents, the teenager also reported his parents would pour urine on him as punishment. (You can find the court documents in the case below this article.)

A Springfield Police Officer interviewed the teenager at the Child Advocacy Center in Springfield. The teenager claimed Joseph and Peggy would call him names and hit him with an extension cord.

During the interview, the teenager told the officer all the acts started when Springfield Public Schools were shut down and parents were forced to homeschool due to COVID. According to court documents, it was determined to be about March of 2020 while they were living in Springfield.

A medical provider examined the teenager at the Advocacy Center. According to court documents, the provider documented patterned bruising and unexplained scars.

“The medical provider documented her diagnosis as being child physical abuse with concerns that this may fit the category of child torture,” according to the Probable Cause statements against the couple.

Probable Cause for Joseph Flores -CR02770 PC Statement-RED_FINAL

Probable Cause for Peggy Flores – CR02778 PC Statement-RED_FINAL


Independence Officers encourage residents to keep their property safe to deter thieves

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. – Independence Police Officers ask residents to be the “Third Officer” in a recent public service announcement.

Patrol officers usually travel in pairs, and that pair is responsible for patrolling 100 miles of roads, 4,300 addresses, and 7,540 cars while at the same time responding to calls for service.

The IPD is asking citizens to do their part to help keep themselves and their property safe.

Being the “Third Officer” is as simple as practicing some cheap, easy crime prevention actions:

  1. Don’t leave your keys in the car-88% of cars are stolen using the owner’s keys in the US, almost 100% locally.
  2. Lock your car doors-95% of car break-ins in Independence occurred in unlocked cars so far this year.
  3. Put your car windows up and house windows down and locked
  4. Lock your doors, every exterior door you own needs to be locked
  5. Lock up your bike
  6. Use disc locks on storage units
  7. Stop your newspapers and mail when you aren’t home, or have a trusted friend pick the items up
  8. Request a house-watch from IPD while you’re on vacation

To learn more, click here.


Montgomery County woman faces First-Degree Murder charges for her role in drive-by shooting

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. – A Montgomery County woman imprisoned on a drug and theft conviction now faces First-Degree Murder charges.

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office filed murder charges against Megan Dawn McCutcheon, 31, for her role in the shooting death of Kimberly D. Meeks.

Police allege that McCutcheon was the driver of a drive-by shooting near the intersection of Laurel and West Main street on Dec. 14, 2019.

>>Coffeyville man sentenced to life in prison for drive-by shooting

Documents show Benjamin Job Mason II fatally shot meeks, however, officers believe Benjamin Ryan Whitaker was the target of the shooting. Judge F. William Cullins sentenced Mason to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years in February 2022.

Previous convictions

Officers say they are currently holding McCutcheon at the Topeka Correctional Facility for a 2016 theft conviction and a 2021 drug conviction.

>>Murder charge filed against man in fatal drive-by shooting in southeast Kansas

Documents show that McCutcheon will face her trial for First-Degree Murder when she is released in 2024.


Although McCutcheon did not fire a weapon in the shooting, officers say she was the alleged driver of the vehicle from which the gun was fired.

Under Kansas law, she is charged with premeditated first-degree murder and premeditated attempted first-degree murder by aiding and abetting Mason in that deadly shooting.


Police in Sarcoxie search for farm implement thieves

SARCOXIE, Mo. — The Sarcoxie, Missouri Police Department is asking for help finding the people who stole some tractor implements.

Authorities say the items, worth more than $35,000, were found Friday morning on some abandoned railroad tracks between CR 67 and N Moist St. in Reeds, Missouri.

Police believe the thieves were using them to clear a path down the tracks for easier access.


Dozens charged with $5M meth, heroin conspiracy in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thirty-nine defendants are charged with a $4.7 million conspiracy to distribute meth and heroin in Kansas City.

“This operation took a significant amount of illegal drugs off the street, and disrupted a large Mexican drug-trafficking organization in the Kansas City metropolitan area,” U.S. Attorney Teresa Moore said.

On June 8, 140 officers from 14 law enforcement agencies joined the Homeland Security Investigations in a takedown that arrested dozens on felony charges.

Officers seized 84.4 kilograms of meth, 4.5 kilograms of heroin, 10.4 kilograms of fentanyl, 7.6 kilograms of cocaine, 10.5 kilograms of marijuana, 687 Xanax pills, 3.1 kilograms of unidentified pills, cash, firearms, a 3D printer used to manufacture ghost gun parts, and a liquid meth conversion lab.

Of the charged, 20 defendants are Mexican nationals with the remaining listed as Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia and United States nationals.

They face varying charges of distribution, possession with intent to distribute, possession of firearms in furtherance of drug-trafficking, possession of a firearm by an illegal alien, felony possession of a firearm, money laundering, reentry by an illegal alien and using cell phones for drug-trafficking crimes.

The indictment includes a forfeiture of $4,718,700 to the U.S. government.

“This indictment represents HSI and our law enforcement partners’ dedication to removing deadly narcotics from our community,” Special Agent in Charge of the Kansas City area Katherine Greer said. “We stand alongside our community leaders, stakeholders and the public, to continue our work toward a safer community without the significant dangers associated with these illegal substances.”

Five of the defendants remain as fugitives.


5 arrested in Weir drug raids, more expected says Sheriff

WEIR, Kans. — A months-long drug investigation culminated into multiple raids and arrests in southeast Kansas Friday morning.

Search warrants were obtained for four residences in Weir as part of an investigation into the distribution and possession of methamphetamine within the area. This led to the arrest of five individuals now facing a multitude of charges.

The arrested were:

  • Kerry Young, age 52, – Multiple counts of Distribution of Methamphetamine
  • Mark Bunce, age 58 – Possessing Methamphetamine, Drug Paraphernalia and 3 counts of child endangerment
  • Courtney Murdock, age 52 – Possessing Methamphetamine, Drug Paraphernalia and 3 counts of child endangerment
  • Dutch Floyd, age 32 – Possessing Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Robert Hall, age 36 – Possessing Methamphetamine and Drug Paraphernalia along with an outstanding felony warrant issued in the State of Georgia

The addresses in Weir were: 300 East Pine, 314 East Sycamore, 502 South Washington, and 300 East Pine.

“This investigation remains ongoing and our office fully anticipates additional suspects to be arrested and charged with various drug related crimes,” stated Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.