Joplin Airport gearing up for winter elements

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin Regional Airport officials are keeping a close eye on the forecast.

Airport Manager Bart Starkey, who was hired to replace the retired Steve Stockam in August, says they can only use F.A.A approved materials on runways. They can’t use salt— only things that are non-corrosive. So it’s a timing issue when it comes to snowfall — and they have to watch to see what it’s doing first.

“A lot of times we’ll let the snow fall, if it accumulates, especially on warm runways, because it will actually insulate the runway, so when we actually remove the snow, it’ll stay wet. We don’t want to remove snow too early, because it can freeze and then we ruin a runway. I mean, if it gets ice, we’re, it’s done until it thaws, so, we have to be careful about when we clear a runway and, and how we do it,” said Starkey.

Starkey also told us they have the manpower to handle the elements but should they need more, they do have contractors who can be brought in to help.

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