Joplin's new mural

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin’s African American History and Arts are now on full display downtown.

“The Langston Hughes Cultural Society” held an unveiling and a celebration for the “Black History and Performing Arts Mural.”

The mural is located on the north side of “Bruce’s Point of View Optical” at the intersection of 1st and Main Streets.

Kansas City-based muralist Alexander Austin painted a collage of portraits of Joplin-based african american artists.

This includes saxophonist Charles McPherson.

Officials with The “Langston Hughes Cultural Society” say this mural is a way to bring the community together through history.

“The fact this this is, that we have this in Joplin is a big deal, this is definitely a game-changer. And because it’s always been said there isn’t any black history here in Joplin, and there is and this is going to show that we do have a history here,” said Melissa Swindell, the President of the Langston Hughes Cultural Society

Donations are being welcomed for the longevity of the mural.

And if you’re interested in donating, there’s a link here to do so.

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