National Cinema Day in Joplin

JOPLIN, Mo. — Movie theaters are getting their time to shine this weekend. Today is National Cinema Day! The Cinema Foundation, a non-profit branch of The National Association of Theater Owners, recently announced the day of celebrating going to the movies.

In Joplin, Bookhouse Cinema is celebrating local movie-goers with $3 movies compared to the average price of $8. Today’s lineup of movies included “Emily the Criminal,” “Fire of Love” and “Swan Song.”
Co-owner Holly Crane says this lineup of movies provides a variety for anyone looking to catch a movie today.

“We have been excited about Cinema Day all week. It really is a new invention, this is the first Cinema Day ever and it’s just every cinema in the country, every movie theater, doing the same thing just to celebrate movie-goers and movies which is what we’re all about. You know, a lot of people watch their content at home, there’s just so much to compete with, but there is no competition for social interaction and supporting local businesses,” said Crane.

Before the doors opened at noon, Bookhouse Cinema already had a dozen pre-ordered tickets.

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