Ruth Ann Robinson

On August 2nd, 2022 at three ten in the afternoon, Ruth Ann Robinson went gently into the light. She wasn’t afraid of what came next, in fact I’m told that she was curious and hopeful about the journey ahead of her.

Because her first husband was a salesman, Ruth and her children moved from town to town when a better opportunity came around. In each new town she made a home for her family. She’d choose the church that had the most colorful stained glass. Strong of spirit and of heart, Ruth was up for the challenge.

If God were to choose who is allowed in heaven by the kindness and love a person displays and possess, Ruth is up there right now telling him stories about the children she loves and about the long list people whose lives she has touched with her humble, gentle, and kind soul.

When she was a teenager Ruth always loved wearing red; red dresses, red shoes, and red lipstick, anything that woul raise an eyebrow. It was more than just the clothes she wore that were colorful and festive, her life was full of adventure. She never was one to shy away from it. She was a fighter who wouldn’t give up and a lover of life who embraced it fully.

She married and fell in love with her first husband, who gave her three children, Catherine, Larry, and Jennifer. She was devoted to her children, sacrificing, toiling away to provide for them, always supporting them with her love and faith in them.

When she was twenty-one with two kids in tow, she and her husband were struggling to make their way, so she pitched in and got a job. If it needed to be done, she just did it.

During her life, she would work in retail at her hometown pharmacy managing the makeup department, in the cosmetics department of a grocery where she moved up to become a pharmacist assistant.

Ruth later sold pickup trucks and cars at a used car lot, until she was lured away by a competitor offering a bigger commission. Ruth was brimming over with personality and charm. People trusted her to do the best thing she could for them.

Ruth would next conquer the Mortage business, first landing an entry level job in a local mortgage company. She then became a mortgage originator in a larger market. Before you knew it, she got her broker’s license. Then with financial help from a friend, Ruth started her own mortgage company that was soon to dominate that market.

Out of the love of the next great adventure, intrigued by the movie industry, Ruth moved out to Los Angeles. Ruth worked on several low budget independent films. She started as craft service, but quickly moved up to become a production manager. She worked hard. She worked long hours without a single complaint. She’d never ask the people that worked with her to do something that she wouldn’t do herself. As a leader she garnered trust and loyalty because of her work ethic and feisty nature.

Taking care of her elderly Father, brought Ruth back to her hometown of Miami, Oklahoma. There she worked in the County Tax Accessors office and then, bucking the traditional standard and pushing the boundaries,

Ruth ran a respectable campaign for State House Representative. Being a woman presented obstacles in that race, some thought she didn’t have a chance, but Ruth again fought a long hard battle and besting the local mayor only to concede to the Deputy Sheriff.

Ruth stayed in Miami for the next twenty-eight years. That’s where she did her most rewarding work. She found herself substitute teaching and then working with high school students that had learning challenges.

She was embraced by the students. She cared about them. She believed in them. She didn’t let them slide. She expected a great deal from each and every one of them. They loved her and they wanted to make her proud of them, so they fought to achieve and be their very best.

Ruth’s biggest accomplishments were not the jobs that she had, the places that she lived, the struggles that she overcame, the loves that she embraced, or the challenges that she faced.

Ruth’s biggest success was the children that she shared her life with and the family and friends far and near that surrounded her. They were always in her heart and always in her thoughts.

Ruth dreamed of retiring on a beach in Mexico. She tried three time and was thwarted at every turn. God meant her to stay in her hometown.

Ruth loved the beach and the ocean so much that she’s asked to have her family and friends spread her ashes across the waters of the Pacific Ocean from a boat headed to Catilina Island and to have them sprinkled on a beach in Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico. When that task is finished, she will finally have lived out all her dreams.

Ruth is survived by her brothers and sister, David Allen Robinson, Ellen Elizabeth Antione, John Fountian Robinson Jr., her children, Anna Catherine Kennedy, Larry D. Edwards, Jr., Jennifer Nelle Wileman, and her grandchildren, Hannah Claire Bussey, Addison Meek Wileman, and Grayson Edward Wileman, Bronson Frank Edwards, and Ellory Nelle Edwards.

No services are planned at this time. Arrangement was placed in the care of Paul Thomas Funeral Home and Cremation Services of Miami, OK. Online condolences may be made at www.paulthomasfuneralhomes.com.

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