Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma raises its minimum wage

WYANDOTTE, Okla. – The Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma and Indigo Sky Casino & Resort announces a wage increase. The starting wages for employees will increase to $13 an hour and to $9 an hour for tipped positions.

This comes as consumer prices surge nationwide, from food and gas to increases in rent.

The tribe says it “remains committed to staying on the vanguard in the casino industry and maintaining their status as preeminent workplaces in Northeast Oklahoma.”

“We are leaders in the guest service sector, and the longevity within our teams is a key part of that,” said Melanie Heskett, General Manager of Indigo Sky Casino & Resort and Outpost Casino. “We’re taking these steps to ensure our team members’ well-being and to show our appreciation for their hard work.”

Eastern Shawnee tribal entities currently employees 689 team members.

“By offering substantial benefits including health and dental care, paid time off, and holiday time along with competitive pay, the tribe ensures retention amongst their teams.” -Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma



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