A Missouri bill was signed today to help veterans get employed when they leave the military

JOPLIN, MO – A bill signed into law today by Missouri Governor Mike Parson is designed to help veterans get jobs when they leave the military.

The purpose of Missouri House Bill 476 is to make it easier for men and women who’ve left the military to get licensed in the occupation they held while in the service.

State Senator Bill White says it will benefit veterans who performed their occupation in the military for at least a year, and didn’t have any disciplinary action against them while performing that occupation.

“We want people to come to our state, people that are in the military here, we want them to come back when they retire, so this is a great thing, you’ve been an EMT or a physician or what ever your licensure is in the military, it will make it a lot quicker to get a job here in Missouri.” Says Bill White, Mo. State Senator, 32nd District.

White says veterans make great employees, adding this law helps make the transition to civilian life a little easier.

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