Area resident helps clear driveways for free

JOPLIN, Mo. — While the weather hasn’t let up the last couple days, many people have found their drive-ways and sidewalks piled up with more snow than they can handle.

What would you say is harder, the ice or the snow to clear?

Nate Hansen – Missionary, said, “Ha, definitely the ice, definitely the ice.”

Out of the good in his heart Joplin Resident Nate Hansen is connecting with people on Facebook and helping them clear snow and ice from their property for free.

Gail Masterson -Resident, said, “There was no fee charged, I offered to make a donation, but they said no they do this with their organization, or church.”

“It feels good, man. You don’t get to do it every day. But right now as representatives of Jesus Christ as Missionaries, we do get to do it every day. So, I feel very blessed, it’s been a great opportunity,” said Hansen.

While being able to do this makes Hansen feel good, it makes Gail Masterson feel even better they’re doing it for her — because she wouldn’t be able to do it herself.

“Very grateful. I’m 70 years old, and I have health problems. I have a bad back and use a cane, so I don’t have the balance to do what they’re doing,” said Masterson.

The drive-way and sidewalk once covered in snow, now completely cleared.

“Part of our responsibility is to just go about doing good, building up communities and helping people in need, so that’s why we’re out here. So far we’ve done probably like 10 houses, we started Tuesday actually,” said Hansen.

Because of Hansen’s good deed, Masteron now too feels like she has a responsibility to do good.

“I obviously can’t shovel snow, but there can be other ways. Helping people if they need transportation someplace for doctors appointments, things of that nature, said, Masterson.


Four-State kids take advantage of the snow to have some fun

JOPLIN, Mo. – The weather isn’t all bad news, especially if you enjoy sledding. The Four-State area had enough snow *before* Wednesday to go sledding… but yesterday, with even more snow, there’s even more fun for the kids.

We caught up with some families at Roanoke Park in Joplin and asked some of the kids how the past few days have been going.

“I’ve been doing a little online school,” said 5th grader Adeline Sullivan. “And it’s nice to take a break and go sledding!”

It wasn’t just the kids having a good time in the snow.

“It’s fun,” said Joplin resident Jason Sullivan. “I’m a kid at heart when it comes to snow. So I’m just out there sledding alongside with them. You never really out grow a snow day.”

Even the below freezing temperatures aren’t keeping away the sledding enthusiasts.

“I think it’s really fun,” said 8th grader Chance Tindall. “I’m not really that type of person to get cold easily. I’m out here in a whole bunch of layers so it’s not really bothering me.”

Families we talked to said they were playing it safe and only staying outside for a little while, then going inside to get warm.


Area expert discusses dangers of extreme cold when shoveling snow

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Winter weather is wreaking havoc across the area, and with these extreme temperatures, being exposed just for a few minutes can cause serious damage to your body.

Dustin Lunow from the Joplin Fire Department says we should be limiting our exposure to the elements, as well as preparing for any worst case scenarios.

“As little as possible, it is very very cold,” said Lunow. “As the roads are actually getting cleared today it is still very very cold. You need to have an emergency kit in your car. You need to make sure that your phone battery and everything is available to you. It would not take a long time in this kind of environment to get somebody hurt.”

These dangerous conditions are even worse for the most vulnerable communities.

When Luke Vieselmeyer’s classes moved online due to weather conditions, he used the opportunity to help his neighbors in need offering to shovel snow from their driveways.

“Well, we’ve had numerous people that may be elderly,” said Vieselmeyer. “You know it’s hard for them to get out in this weather, cold, below freezing for sure. And it’s hard to snow shovel anyways whenever it’s this low. It helps people out, helps them not get sick. And I’d rather us get sick than elders.”

Vieselmeyer adds that he knows how cold it is and wants to protect his neighbors who may be more vulnerable.

“We had a disabled person that had a wheelchair we helped out today. We shoveled her driveway and if they need it we salt it for them. It’s cold so we’re out doing it for them”

Lunow says when shoveling show, it’s important to take regular breaks.

“The best thing you can do is one, dress properly; two, have work intervals. Your body just can’t handle that type of cold for prolonged durations,” said Lunow.

He says only to work fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, with time in-between to properly warm up.

Lunlow added that in addition to taking breaks while shoveling snow, staying hydrated is important.