G.A.R. Cemetery holds socially distant Memorial Day Ceremony

MIAMI, Okla. – The G.A.R. Cemetery in Miami, Oklahoma hosted an in person event, but social distancing was encouraged.

The event was open to the public, and of course local veterans organizations. G.A.R. Office manager Nancy Bro says more and more veterans take part.

“I think they are very honored,” said Bro. “We get a large group of veterans that participate and show up for the ceremony every year and that number is growing every year.”

This year’s guest speaker was ben Loring. Loring is a former district attorney, Oklahoma State Representative and current Miami city attorney. His sons, David and Ian, served in the U.S. Army.


NEO A&M kicks-off homecoming week with NEOchella

MIAMI, Okla. – It’s homecoming week for NEO A&M college in Miami, and they’re throwing a festival for students.

NEOchella, named after the famous music festival Coachella, featured a talent show, axe throwing, and obstacle course, among other activities.

“I was like, ‘You know what? Our students haven’t had many opportunities to go out and socialize,’” said student activities coordinator Elizabeth Flees. “And I just wanted this event to be spectacular so I’m throwing all the activities at them today.”

The NEOchella took place in the parking lot of the colleges nursing science building.


NEO A&M Aggie Days draws student from across the Four-States


MIAMI, Okla. – Students from all over the area today headed to NEO A&M in Miami, Oklahoma Thursday for the 69th annual Aggie Days.

That’s an agricultural contest with a variety of events from speech to livestock judging. Hundreds of students participated.

The livestock judging contest will take place Friday.

“For the students who have competed here in the livestock judging contest during our annual Aggie Days, said Agriculture Instructor Mary Booth. “The next step for them is going on to state competitions.”


Wednesday storms damage Four-State buildings

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Wednesday’s first round of storms left some damage in parts of the Four-States.

On County Road 290 in Carl Junction, Missouri, a homeowner says around 5:30 a.m. she heard the storms roll-in with heavy winds. When she was able to get out and inspect her property she found that the roof of her barn and part of the roof of her garage had been blown off.

Near Miami, Oklahoma, lightning caused damage to a home off Highway 137. The strike caused scorching under the roof and a blown transformer.


Miami Animal Shelter at capacity

MIAMI, Ok. — Officials with the Miami Animal Shelter are asking anyone and everyone for help right now.

Alexa Young, Animal Control Tech, said, “It’s stressful and it’s upsetting sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and you work and work and work to get them moved and then you get them six the next day.”

The Miami Animal Shelter is at full-capacity due to an increase in strays.

“It’s sad you know sometimes we pick up dogs knowing this might be where they live sometimes we don’t know where they live but at least their safe.”

It’s made it hard for employees to care for so many.

Maycee Wilkins, Shelter Manager, said, “It’s always bad when we’re at full capacity because it gives us a limited function on how to help people and the people that usually suffer when we are at full capacity are people that need to do owners surrender that are moving and can’t take their pet with them or whatever I don’t have any room to pull those in.”

It hasn’t stopped the shelter from taking care of the animals.

“Make room. Make room and hope we get some adopted or have a transport or something like that,” said Young.

The shelter has encouraged the community to adopt and give them a new home.

“You know, we make a lot of phone calls, we make a lot of Facebook posts trying to get stuff adopted. We know some won’t get adopted so we make contacts with rescues and stuff like that and try to get rescue pull them so we’re trying got coordinate transport dates. There’s vetting done. What those dogs need to be able to leave and sometimes it just seem like it’s happening fast enough,” said Young.

If adoption doesn’t work, they have other alternatives.


“If they don’t get adopted we send them to them rescues and we do behavior testing if those animals need socialization something like that we’ll place them in rescues that have foster homes that can help facilitate their needs,” said Wilkins.


(918) 541-2275


City of Miami tells residents to expect higher energy bills

MIAMI, Okla. – The City of Miami, Oklahoma is reminding its electricity customers that bills will likely be higher. They say it’s because of using more electricity during cold temperatures. The city says the price per kilowatt hour has not changed.

The City of Miami says it has many solutions in place to support customers with utility bills. Customers can contact the customer service department at 918-542-6685 to discuss the Average Monthly Plan (AMP) or they can discuss a contracted plan with the City to pay out over the course of a specific number of months.

The Miami Public Utility purchases its power from the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA). Like most energy producers in the region, GRDA was subject to massive increases in the cost of
natural gas it purchases due to demand and supply issues. However, officials say it is too soon to know the impact this will have on future bills.

In a statement provided to customers late Friday afternoon, GRDA believes “it would be imprudent for us to make estimates about GRDA’s net financial impact from the event”. The next GRDA board meeting is scheduled for March 10th, but they have stated it is looking more likely that it will be necessary to schedule a special board meeting to take any action on the response to the storm’s financial impact. GRDA maintains they have built a robust rate stabilization account and are in a solid cash position.


New jobs on the horizon for Miami

MIAMI, Ok. — More jobs are coming to Miami, Oklahoma.

Communications Solutions, LLC will soon open a call-center on North Main Street. It will be the 6th location for the Springfield-based company – which also has locations in Joplin and Neosho. The Miami facility’s focus will be helping existing local businesses develop short and long-term workforce opportunities – and recruit new businesses to town. It also means about 250 new jobs.

Charlotte Howe Maeds, CEO and President, “I’m pretty excited I love this part of the job but you know what I love working with my companies as well so I always feel like I kinda have the best jobs ever, not that they’re not days that’s challenging but today’s a good day.”

Miami Chamber Of Commerce: (918) 542-4481


Thief steals catalytic converter from Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa County van

MIAMI, Okla. – The Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa County and authorities need help finding people they believe stole from the club.

They say on Feb. 17 someone stole a catalytic converter from one of the club’s vans.

If you know anything about this crime you should contact Miami police at (918) 542-5585 or the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 542-2806.


Miami community shows concern for dog outside in the cold

MIAMI, Okla.  – The cold weather raises concerns in Miami, Oklahoma for pets, specifically one dog named Boomer.

Boomer has been the talk of the town. He gained his popularity on Facebook, where disturbed Miami residents posted their worry for the dog’s wellbeing. Joe Honeycutt grew up in Miami, although he no longer lives there, he is still active in the community and decided to take action online.

“Well I had been reading several posts that day that were related to the same dog, said Honeycutt. “I wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on and see if there was anyway that I could help influence the situation.”

Honeycutt says he used Facebook to reach Boomer’s owner,

“I decided to go on the public website and make a post to the gentleman himself. I had told him there is such an importance to leaving your animals inside,” Honeycutt said.

This outrage from the community online is what caused police to get more involved. Miami police chief Thomas Anderson says they had a meeting with city officials after the dog’s rise online.

“The city manager after receiving numerous complaints wanted to make sure the situation was controlled within the law to make sure this animal’s taken care of,” said Anderson.

Anderson says they’ve known about this issue since November of last year. Boomer’s actually gotten a lot better since then, and according to Anderson gained 40 pounds. He says animal control is involved, which helped.

“He’s taking way better care of the animal than he was just a few months ago,” Anderson said. “And that’s because animal control has been working with him for the benefit of the animal.”

Anderson clarifies that he’s glad the community is looking out for these animals, but they know boomer is doing better.

“If you see an animal that is out let us check on them, but we know this dog has everything he needs to have,” said Anderson.

Anderson says animal control is keeping close tabs on boomer.