Black ice causing increased demand for vehicle repairs

JOPLIN, Mo. – The owner of Snodgrass Collision Center in Joplin says black ice is the most common culprit behind winter weather wrecks.

They say they’ve received several calls for drivers already needing repairs due to road conditions. Some just need alignments for minor incidents and others are involved in roll overs.

Ditch type damages, a lot of those a wheel will get drove back, said Dana Snodgrass of Snodgrass Collision Center. “You’ll hit a cold brick, a lot of suspension problems. If you go off in a ditch,  you should always bring your car into a shop and have an alignment check on it.”

Several other shops in the area also say they’ve received multiple calls from drivers whose vehicle sustained damage due to road conditions.


Woman teams up with Miami restaurant to provide warm meals and clothes

MIAMI, Okla. – A Miami, Oklahoma woman is teaming up with local restaurants to get warm meals and clothes to people in need.

Two years ago, Sandye Williams was looking through social media when something caught her eye. Free coats for those in need. She spotted the demand for this in her own community, and got to work.

“So we started collecting coats,” said Williams. “The last two years (we) donated a coat to anyone who needed a coat”

This year, a restaurant owner and friend of Williams wanted to get involved. So in addition to a coat rack, the two started a meal wall.

Here’s how it works: anyone can pick an item from the menu and pay for it. The restaurant creates a ticket and hangs it on the wall for anyone needing a meal. If interested, just notify a server.

“You can either go select one off the wall or she can select one for you, says Williams. “Nobody knows that you came in and got one off the wall but you got a hot meal for the day, and hopefully it’ll just warm you from the inside out.”

Dawg House restaurant owner Jennifer White says any unused tickets at the end of the month will still be put to use.

“We’re gonna collect all the tickets, cook off the food, and then take that food to a different group in our community we feel could use a hot meal,” said White.

She says this would not be possible without the community’s help

“Oh my gosh, our community, I couldn’t ask for a better one,” said White. “Miami’s an awesome place to live, and to see the wall fill up within two days it just blew my mind it’s wild.”

The meal wall and coat rack were made to be used. Williams and White just want to keep their community taken care of, free of judgement. The organizer behind both ideas says anyone is welcome to use these services.


News to Know (2/10/21)

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Opening arguments are slated to begin this afternoon in the second impeachment trial of former President Trump. On Tuesday, the Senate voted to continue with the proceeding after hearing arguments as to its constitutionality.  All 50 Democrats said it was constitutional. They were joined by six Republicans.

NIXA, Mo. – The Nixa, Missouri school district fired an assistant principal who is facing child pornography charges. A court affidavit says 41-year old Colby Fronterhouse pretended to be a 14 year old girl sending sexually explicit messages to a 13 year old boy. Authorities say Fronterhouse got the boy’s cell phone number through school records. He had been placed on administrative leave but the school board yesterday voted to fire him.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The wintry weather has led to dangerous road conditions. Driving on snow however, is different than driving on ice. While both are slick and hazardous, officials say you can get a little more traction on snow than you can with ice. In either case the Joplin police department says you need to play it safe. For the latest road conditions your state, you can go to our website, koamnewsnow.com, and click on “Road Conditions” at the top of the page.

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Joplin Police offer tips on driving safely in wintry weather

JOPLIN, Mo. – The wintry weather has led to dangerous driving conditions. We spoke with the Joplin Police Department to get some tips on safe driving.

Since the wintry weather set in, Sergeant Jared Delzell with the Joplin Police Department says officers have been busy. “Our calls for slide offs and vehicle assists, collisions, were extremely high.”

He’s got some tips on how to decrease their workload and keep yourself safe. “Decrease your speed, decrease your following distance, allow several cars of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow you to stop, and if you do lose control, try to maintain your composure, steer out of it if you can.”

Snow and ice can be two different beasts on the road, and Delzell has some tips on how to handle icy weather as well. “You could gear down, you can just take your foot off the brake some, so that you’re not completely locking up your brakes allowing your tires to rotate and get some traction on the roadway.”

Rick Nixon with Nixon’s Garage and Towing says they’ve been working from 7:00am until there aren’t any more calls. “Because the roads are crowned even in the city, there’s plenty of cars that have just slipped to the side and hit the curb and done enough damage that they’re uncomfortable driving them home, so not necessarily in the ditch, but there’s plenty of them in the ditch.”

There’s something else to be aware of. Sergeant Delzell says under normal circumstances in Missouri, you follow the speed limit, but in dangerous conditions, the rules change. “The basic speed law says that when weather conditions are a factor or cause a roadway hazard, that you’re to slow down, the speed limit is not the speed limit, and in fact, you could be cited for driving the speed limit on a roadway that’s covered in ice.”

Nixon says he’s got some simple advice. “Bottom line is caution and patience, just take your time, take your time, and if you don’t have to go, don’t go.”

Click here for the latest road conditions in your state.


Joplin residents asked to fill out fire department survey


Fire Dept. asks citizens to participate in survey about services and response
The Joplin Fire Department was established in the fall of 1882. Since that time, many changes have occurred within the fire department in relation to equipment, training procedures, structures, and other fields in the fire service.

Recently, the department provided their 2020 year-end report focusing on cumulative statistics of the crews’ services and responses, noting 8,413 requests for assistance with an average of 23 responses a day.

“The department is committed to providing quality and efficient service to the citizens and we are always looking to continuously improve the service we provide daily,” said Fire Chief Jim Furgerson. “As part of this process we have begun a Strategic Planning process and we would like our citizens input by taking the survey listed below.”

The community survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PMN2VMF . It is estimated to take less than five minutes to complete.

“We are proud to serve our citizens and would appreciate hearing from them on how we are doing and areas that may need improvement. This data will provide insight how we can continue to grow in our service and operations.”

Once the surveys have been received by the department’s allied stakeholders, citizens, and fire fighters, they will begin defining strategic initiatives and complete a SWOT analysis (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) to identify areas we need to improve.

Chief Furgerson encourages the public to complete the survey by February 19, 2021


Joplin releases updated plan from Republic Services


Updated Release from the City of Joplin: 

JOPLIN, Mo. – Mother Nature has again caused an interruption in trash service for Joplin residents. Republic Services, the Joplin residential trash provider, has announced that it will not be completing their routes today, Tuesday, February 9, for trash and curbside recycling pickup due to weather conditions.

Normally, when one day is missed, Saturday is used to complete the residential routes, but if two days are missed, Republic Services resumes their regular schedule for Joplin. Monday’s service was also cancelled, so Monday and Tuesday customers will have all of their trash picked up on their regular day next week. Residents should put extra trash in bags and place next to their polycarts.

With the current forecast for more freezing precipitation, there could be more days cancelled this week. The City will send out notifications if this occurs.

Republic and City officials stated that safety is a major concern and ask that residents be patient during these challenging weather conditions.

“Just like all vehicles out in these elements, heavy trash trucks have difficulty on icy and snow-covered roads and alleys,” said Lynden Lawson, Public Works Assistant Director for Operations.

If the City has an announcement regarding a service or a closure due to bad weather, it is posted to the City’s Facebook page. This information will also be shared with local media outlets.

Residents may call the Recycling Coordinator at 417-624-0820, ext. 501 when there is a question as to whether trash service will be delayed, or for any recycling, household hazardous waste and trash disposal issues.


Icy conditions contribute to I-49 head-on semi crash

NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. – A semi loses control on a slick highway and crashes head-on with another semi.

Monday evening, around 6:10 p.m., the Missouri State Highway Patrol responded to a crash on I-49, about one mile south of Neosho.

According to the crash report, a Freightliner semi was going north when it lost control on the slick road and went across the median. The freightliner hit another semi head-on.

The driver of the southbound semi, Shane Morgan, 33 of Ozark, suffered serious injuries. Emergency personnel took Morgan to Mercy Hospital in Joplin.

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Fly The Flags Project returns to Fort Scott for 3rd year

FORT SCOTT, Ks — One Southeast Kansas town is preparing to get a little more patriotic.

The Friends of Fort Scott National Historic Site has begun its annual Fly The Flags Project. For the rest of the month the organization will be taking orders from homes and businesses to hang flags on five different flag holidays. All funds raised from this will go directly to helping the Fort Scott National Historic Site.

Reed Hartford, Friends of Fort Scott NHS President, said, “It has been really successful, we’re putting out over 100 flags on those five holidays.”

This is the third year of the Fly The Flags Project. If you’re in Fort Scott and would like to participate you can sign up by using a form at the Fort Scott Area Chamber of Commerce.


Freezing Rain: How it forms and why

JOPLIN, Mo. — We saw some weather Monday though it wasn’t on the heavy side, it was actually on the lighter side and it caused so much of an issue. Now why was that?

Well most of the time when we look at Winter precipitation, most of what we are used to is above the surface we see cold air so everything starts off as snow. Then as it comes closer to the ground it either stays as snow or changes over to rain obviously if it is warm enough. But that’s not what we saw Monday. We basically saw rain coming down but then freezing on contact, why does that happen?

Well, basically what happens or what we’re used to is, again, we see cold air at the top we see above freezing temperatures at the surface, therefore it falls as plain rain. That’s not what happened Monday. We started with cold air aloft and then we had warmer air in the middle level. So what happens is that snow melts to rain and we are cold at the surface, therefore we see the refreezing of that into ice. Now again it wasn’t bad in terms of the amount of precipitation but it was still very slippery out there for what reason?

It’s what he have called black ice so simply put we see that the ran falls onto the frozen surface itself and then it basically freezes on contact. And again you don’t need much ice a lot of people on the ice Monday were slipping, sliding and of course the people moving around in the cars were having difficulty trying to get around because even that small amount of precipitation thing were iced up and treacherous as you head around town.


SEK organizations working to improve health

SOUTHEAST KANSAS — One Southeast Kansas community is working to become a little bit healthier.

Grow Labette and Live Healthy Montgomery County have released a survey for their counties. Part of the Pathways To A Healthy Kansas initiative, this survey will gather the opinion on community health and ways to improve.

This includes healthy eating, physical activity and tobacco prevention education.