Local town is host a Holiday Zumbathon event

PITTSBURG, Kan. – The Pittsburg Parks and Recreation are hosting a Holiday Zumbathon to benefit communities in local schools.

This event will take place on December 3rd from 9:30-11:30 a.m. at the Lincoln Center.

Officials say all the donations made will go to community students in need.

The donations that are accepted are:

  • Socks
  • Underwear
  • Gloves
  • Hats
  • Scarves

They ask that all of to donations be in youth sizes.

Admission to the event is donation based.

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Local Train Show and Swap Meet leaves the station

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Joplin History & Mineral Museum is hosting its annual Train Show and Swap Meet today.

The event brings together model train enthusiasts from across the 4-States and all proceeds at the door benefit the local museum.

Admission is $5 a person and children under 12 years of age are free to attend the event.

Officials with the museum say there are over 55 tables featuring model train items and accessories for sale including multiple model train displays set up for your entertainment.

The event runs from 9:00 A.M. – 3:00 P.M.

Food truck services are available in the designated parking areas.

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Local fishing team preps for tournament; reacts to cheating

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – Some local fishermen are gearing up for their next tournament at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina.

KOAM’s Keri Worthen met up with Levi Snow, his son Lee, and his friend Ben Hodgson today at a pit in Cherokee County, Kansas.

Levi and Lee make up a father-and-son team with the Columbus Bass Club.

“Well I spend time with my dad, I have fun and that’s it,” says Lee.

However, the next fishing tournament requires a person to be 16 or older. So, Ben is preparing with Levi for the National Bass Team Championship.

Levi says, “Basically, a tournament for all the teams trails across the United States and they send their best team to this tournament and whoever wins this tournament moves on to the bass master classic.”

Snow says a lot of preparation, money, and time goes into getting ready for a tournament.

Keri asked Levi what he thought about the recent cheating that went on with the walleye fish at Lake Erie.

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“To me that is terrible because everybody else spends all this time that went into this, you spend hours prepping for a tournament like this then somebody just throws weights down and that is just unethical. You also putting lost of money on the line too, it’s not just the time,” Levi told Keri.

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Levi gives a shoutout to his sponsors, helping him live his dream: Big Hammer Lures, 2K Jigs (The lure he caught his fish on today), FINS Braid, Elite Rod Sleeves, Stank Stick, Vexan Fishing


‘Corn Kid’ helps donate 90,000 cans of veggies to NYC food rescue

NEW YORK, NY. – You may recognize him as the kid who loves corn. Now, folks are recognizing him for his donation this week.

Tariq “The Corn Kid” visited City Harvest to help the Green Giant mascot unload a truck full of canned corn and other vegetables.

He helped drop off 50,000 cans of corn.

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Carthage announces the start of “Small Business Saturday”

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The City of Carthage today celebrated the proclamation of a new yearly initiative.

Saturdays will now be celebrated as “Carthage small business Saturday”.

This new initiative starts after Thanksgiving.

Officials say Small Business Saturday is an initiative started by American Express formed in the midst of the 2010 recession.

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Missouri Magazine donates funds to Joplin cancer foundation

JOPLIN, Mo. – Show Me the Ozarks today presented a check to Joplin’s Hope 4 You, a cancer foundation.

The Missouri-based magazine traveled to Joplin today, meeting officials with Hope 4 You at the area Chamber of Commerce.

Money was raised through the magazine’s ‘Covers for a Cause’ campaign, held in late October at Freeman Health System.

Freeman officials say the funds will help ensure local uninsured and underinsured women are able to get mammograms at little or no cost.

Since 2007, Hope 4 You has raised nearly $600,000 for this cause.

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In-person visits return for Liberty Elves program

JOPLIN, Mo. – Liberty Utilities in Joplin continues its Liberty Elves campaign this year by including elders in the Christmas celebration.

Each year, Liberty gathered the names of elderly neighbors from local agencies and the ‘Christmas Elves’ help deliver gifts to them.

Officials say that recipients usually range from 65-85 years of age and have no family or close friends nearby during the holidays.

Though the program has changed over the years, Liberty Officials say they are proud to continue their legacy of giving got over 30 years.

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Alliance of SWMO moves forward with building renovations

JOPLIN, Mo. – In 2019, the historic Faith Fellowship building was donated to the Alliance of Southwest Missouri.

Officials say they planned to renovate the building, however, the pandemic pushed some of the organization’s plans back.

Now, the renovations are in full swing and the building is back to its former glory.

Today, the Alliance held a meeting to discuss fundraising goals to begin the construction process.

“November 29th will be giving Tuesday and we’re hoping to raise $15,000,” said Director Jen Black. “We did have a donor say that he will match up to $10,000 raised. If we raised $10,000 by the end of the year he will match that 10,000 and we’d surpass our goal of 15 and raise 20,000.”

The donations on Giving Tuesday will go toward construction which they hope to begin in the coming weeks.

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Local organization awards Veterans with Quilts of Honor

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Today, Little Balkans presented Quilts of Honor to local Veterans.

The Quilts of Honor campaign began in 2010 and since then, the group has donated over 150 handmade quilts to veterans or others such as:

  • Law enforcement
  • Fire victims
  • Children’s centers
  • Safehouse & Crisis centers

Little Balkans found the recipients of their Quilts of Honor thanks to the help of the local VFW.

The organization says they also craft dolls and lap quilts for local Salvation Army locations.

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Missouri armadillo populations pop, here are some theories why


JOPLIN, MO.- Armadillos are becoming a staple in Missouri as populations migrate to northern habitats.

Experts theorize that climate change is the reason why. “There’s a couple of theories about why they’re moving north,” said Francis Skalicky, Missouri Department of Conservation media specialist. “One is maybe it’s connected with climate change with another one. Two is just that fields got tilled, as gardens got tilled, it gave them a lot more habitat because what they eat is grubs that are in the soil.”

Armadillos dig in farmland, yards, and pastures searching for insects to eat. Although their digging is a headache for homeowners, farmers, and others; their digging could be beneficial.

“While they’re digging, it can be problematic if it’s around a building or in your garden,” said Skalicky, “In other instances, digging can actually be beneficial because it’s helping to get rid of some grubs that could be garden pests.”

Most of the armadillos in Missouri are the Nine-banded armadillo. The Nine-banded armadillo population is growing due to their adjustment to Missouri’s creeks and wooded areas.

The Wildlife Code of Missouri does allow Missourians to trap or kill nuisance armadillos on their property.

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