Helicopter flying low over my house!

JOPLIN METRO — Every year in August we get these questions:

  • “Why is that helicopter flying so low!”
  • “Is that helicopter looking at my plants?”
  • “What is JPD doing with that helicopter on 32nd!”

Many people believe conspiracy theories and think worst-case scenario. Not sure why it applies to helicopters. They seem to stir up people.

Liberty Utilities began the annual aerial inspection of more than 1,300 miles of lines, using a helicopter, to inspect the electric transmission and distribution system.

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“During this inspection, we’ll be in a low-flying helicopter, using infrared technology to check our lines and identify any potential issues that may lead to outages,” Liberty states in a media release.

QUESTION: “Is there a fugitive on the loose or something? Helicopter was flying super low around 23rd and Connecticut, any idea?” –tipline

ANSWER: No fugitive. It’s Liberty Utilities.

The tail number will be visible N724HK. And you could spot the color scheme on the helicopter as well.

Put away your tin foil hats and relax! It happens every year about this time.

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Tractor trailer takes out pole, hundreds no power

JOPLIN, Mo. — A portion of east downtown Joplin is pitch-black. Driving through with no electricity to street lights and businesses, a sign  definitely something isn’t normal.

About 1:45 a.m. reports of a tractor trailer hitting a utility pole near 6th and Kentucky alerted Joplin Emergency Dispatch.

Joplin Fire Dept responded to the area reporting numerous lines down and a pole leaning precariously. Driver was out of the cab safely. Liberty Utilities were then contacted.

Initially about 100 without power.

  • 1:45 a.m. 105
  • 3:20 a.m. 396
  • 4:06 a.m. 396
  • 5:09 a.m. 177

On our arrival to the scene we learn it’s unknown how long the pole replacement might take.

The pole is about one block north of the 5th and Kentucky sub-station downtown Joplin. This could then effect other areas separate of Joplin downtown.

Shannon Becker is on the scene. Watch for further updates as we continue to follow this breaking news story.

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Nearly 3,000 without power in Joplin area, temps 20° cooler today

UPDATE: 1 p.m. Sunday, Liberty crews are currently working to safely restore power to more than 2,800 customers in Joplin, Missouri.

UPDATE: Liberty Utilities Central states, “The outage was caused by a fallen tree. Our line crews have isolated the area and are working to ensure there are no other issues. Most customers should have their power restored soon. Some residents will be without power for a while longer as they work to fix the damage. Thank you all for your patience as our lineworkers safely restore power.”

JOPLIN, Mo. — Joplin News First followers began messaging us regarding a power outage across the Joplin area

Nearly 3,000 without power across the Joplin area. Some businesses along S Rangeline have no power.

Doug Heady, KOAM Chief Meteorologist stated this morning in his 7 a.m. forecast, “Hey guys and gals, I wanted to make sure you had an update this morning … temperatures are about 20 degrees cooler for us today! Have a great Sunday.”

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Vehicle catches power line over interstate, Liberty Utilities respond to repair

FIDELITY, Mo. — About 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon what was described as a vehicle catching a power line and pulling it down,  disrupted traffic just north of I-44 on I-49.

Just north of the Fidelity cloverleaf, but before the Cedar Road exit.

Crews are currently responding to an outage impacting the Carthage, MO area where a vehicle caught one of our power lines. We are currently working with Highway Patrol to close a section of highway 49 so that repairs can be made safely. Crews estimate this process could take approximately 45 minutes to one hour.” — Liberty Utilities Central

Mid-America RV, Josh Schmutz sent us a pic of the repairs being done, “Liberty got the line across fast though!

Traffic returned to normal flow safely just before 4 p.m.

We will update this article with more information as it becomes available from authorities.



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