Work in the wake of Hurricane Ian, Missouri Task Force 1 in Fort Myers, Fla.

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. – Missouri Task Force 1 returned to Fort Myers Beach on Wednesday, Oct 5, to continue primary and secondary searches.

#MoTF1 searched Tuesday over 570 different structures and debris piles in one of the hardest hit areas by Hurricane Ian. The amount of destruction caused by Hurricane Ian in this area is unprecedented in recent memory. They are seeing buildings that are completely gone from their foundations and in piles.

While performing their searches, one of the HRD (Human Remains Detection) canines unfortunately located a victim that did not survive the storm. As difficult as that may be, it is part of what we are assigned to do and our members know that. As much as we would like to find and rescue survivors there is some comfort knowing that we can help provide closure for the family of the victim. Our thoughts and prayers go out to them.

#MoTF1 are currently working on the southern tip of Fort Myers Beach, Fla. 

#MoTF1 DSAR (Disaster Situation Assessment and Reconnaissance) Team, which is a sUAS drone team working for the Florida UAV Strike Team, was also assigned to Fort Myers Beach. The Florida UAV Strike Team was used to quickly identify structures, from the air, along the beach that were difficult for the task forces to make access into. The drones were able to fly around the structures, photograph them and tag them by GPS for more in-depth search today. The #MoTF1 DSAR team tagged 25 of those locations their second day of work.

Wednesday the task leader stated, “MO-TF1 has been assigned to the southern end of the island to continue their assignment. There is a lot of work to do but the team is doing great and proud to be helping the citizens of Florida.”

A SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THOSE BACK HOME: “The Boone County Fire Protection District would like to thank all of the employers and family members of those deployed on this mission. Without your unwavering support and sacrifice, MO-TF1 would not be able to do what we do.”

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Carthage lineman return after work to restore power in wake of Hurricane Ian

CARTHAGE, Mo. — 1,300 miles was the final leg of the trip home for lineman from CWEP (Carthage Water and Electric Plant). They embarked more than a week ago in anticipation of Hurricane Ian that knocked out power to about 3 million people.

Crews moved in quickly hours after the storm passed and were stationed near Orlando, Fla. CWEP lineman worked 16-hour days directed in part by the Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC).

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On Saturday, October 1, alone, “they were working to restore power to over 98,000 customers and by noon had that number down to just 28,000,” CWEP states in a media release.

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Whats next for CWEP? Time to think about Christmas! Sparkle in the Park, Central Park in Carthage will be lit with hundreds of thousands of lights!


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Missouri Task Force 1 work in devastated Hurricane Ian zone

FORT MYERS BEACH, Fla. — Missouri Task Force 1 is currently performing primary searches on Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The team was assigned to Fort Myers, Florida on Monday and has since been moved to Fort Myers Beach. The team is currently going house to house, structure by structure searching for survivors and victims as well as documenting the amount of damage to each building. This is a tedious task that will take some time; however, several other task forces have also been assigned to that area.

The MO-TF1 DSAR (Disaster Situation Assessment and Reconnaissance) Team, which is a sUAS drone team of four members, are also on their way to Fort Myers Beach. Once they arrive, they will be assigned to assist the teams on the ground. They will be able to provide tactical mapping, situational assessment and primary search of areas that are not accessible by foot.

On Monday, the DSAR team was assigned to San Carlos Island. The team arrived there to find over 300 shrimp boats, pleasure boats and sailboats that had been pushed into yards, houses and into the mangroves. The drones, primarily the DJI Matrice 30T, were used to search every boat. The camera capabilities, zoom functions and infrared camera on this drone made it the perfect choice. The team was able to read registration numbers and boat names on many of the boats and literally look inside them. By the end of the day Port Authorities were able to verify all boat captains and crews were accounted for on the boats searched by MO-TF1 DSAR.

News To Know: Ian regains strength, judge rules self-defense

PITTSBURG, Kan. – A judge drops murder charges against a Pittsburg man. Dominik Short had been charged with murder in the shooting death of his mother, Stephanie Short, and the shooting of Velma Cubie. Short argued he acted in self defense, and the judge agreed. All charges against him have now been dropped. His co-defendent, James Hamilton, is still charged in this case.

MCDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Sheriff Rob Evenson thanks Detectives in his department for their vigilance as felony charges are filed on a pair for chopping down trees illegally and selling them. The investigation is not over, he tells us about $20,000 worth of walnut, white oak and black oak trees were cut and removed. If you’re interested in reading more about this story, click here.

MISSOURI – Missouri lawmakers approve an income tax cut and ditched plans to cut corporate taxes. The bill cuts income taxes from 5.3% to 4.95% beginning next year. The measure now heads to Governor Mike Parson, who is expected to sign it. Parson had directed lawmakers to cut income taxes during the special session.

NATIONAL – Hurricane Ian strengthened again late Thursday as its track shifted slightly to the east. According to the National Hurricane Center, Ian’s maximum winds increased to nearly 85 miles per hour. A hurricane warning has been issued from the Savannah river at the Georgia-South Carolina border to Cape Fear, North Carolina.


Carthage lineman rollout to meet Hurricane Ian in Florida

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Hurricane Ian is forecasted to hit Florida late Wednesday. Forecasters say it’s going to be the one storm they never wanted to happen. Possible Category 4.

Early Tuesday morning linemen from the Carthage area loaded up to head to Florida so they can respond immediately when the storm weakens.

“Lineman headed out bright & early this morning for Orlando, Florida to aid in the recovery efforts following Hurricane Ian,” Carthage Water and Electric in a media release.

“We’re always proud when our crews are ready to answer the call to lend a hand in mutual aid situations such as this.”

Carthage is part of the MPUA (Missouri Public Utility Alliance). The six lineman from Carthage will join more than 50 other lineworkers crews from the Missouri cities of Chillicothe, Columbia, Hannibal, Higginsville, Independence, Macon, Nixa, Odessa, Palmyra, Poplar Bluff, and Springfield. And a crew from Conway, Arkansas.

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The workers will be equipped with more than 50 utility work vehicles, including bucket trucks, digger/derrick trucks, and other linework vehicles.

The responding crews are from ‘public power’ electric utilities, not-for-profit community-owned electric utilities that serve their individual cities, but also have agreements in place allowing staff to assist neighboring communities and states during widespread outages.

The mutual aid response is coordinated through MPUA’s mutual aid network. Assisting cities are reimbursed by the municipal utilities receiving assistance. Nationally, mutual aid agreements organized through the American Public Power Association link more than 2,000 public power and rural electric cooperatives, so they can help each other in times of need.” — MPUA

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