A group is helping families stay warm this winter

JOPLIN, Mo. — An organization is keeping families warm this winter.

Today was the seventh annual “Chase the Chill” clothing distribution in Joplin.

“We want the kids to be warm at school also. So even just as a stocking stuffer if parents want to come out and take a set. And then gift it to their children we want them to be able to do that,” said Jessica Moss, Project Coordinator of “Chase the Chill Southwest Missouri.

Saturday morning thirty volunteers hung up hundreds of hats, gloves and scarves on trees throughout Joplin to “Chase the Chill.”

“There is a great need in this area of Southwest Missouri and the neighboring four state area for people to have warmth. And especially coming out of Covid, especially coming out of job losses these last two years you wouldn’t think they are expensive items, but they can be for some people,” said Moss.

This year “Chase the Chill of Southwest Missouri” expanded with a new chapter in Monett.

“The main reason I do it is when my kids were little I got a lot of assistance like this. And I think its good to give back. I learned how to knit not that long ago. my youngest daughter and I kind of started the tradition too as something we can do together and its fun,” said Melody Dickey, Chase the Chill volunteer.

For the past four years Dickey’s family has knit cold weather items for this project.

“Last year I actually saw someone walking down the street with one of my scarves on. and it made me feel good. It’s really great people are actually getting these and using them,” said Dickey.