Joplin Farm celebrates National Alpaca Farm Days

A local farm is opening to the public for National Alpaca Farm Days.

The Magajupa Mine Alpacas Farm spent the day teaching visitors about the animal.

Alpacas have only been in the United States for about 20 years and were previously considered exotic animals.

“Just a few years back they changed them into livestock. They’re what you call warm and fuzzy. Everyone thinks they’re just cute like little lap dogs. But the fleece with an alpaca is so much better than any other fleece there’s no oils in it its hypoallergenic,” said Daryel Shaffer, Alpaca herder.

WellSpring Acres Alpacas from Sarcoxie was at the farm selling some of its handmade fleece items.

Four-State Staycation: Robertson Family Farm

JOPLIN, Mo. – There’s nothing quite like getting fresh blueberries from the source. The Robertson Family Farm south of Joplin gives people the opportunity to do just that. While in season, folks can hand-pick a bag full of blueberries themselves. They also allow call-in orders for those who don’t feeling like doing the picking themselves.

The farm can be found at 707 Saginaw Road, Joplin, Missouri. It’s open from 8:00 a.m. to noon Tuesday through Sunday. The season is usually open for a about a month. You can follow the Robertson Family Farm facebook page for more information.

Four-State Staycation: Zena Suri Alpacas

JAY, Okla. – Normally if you want to see an alpaca in person, you would have to book a flight to South America… or at the least find a nearby zoo. But there’s a ranch near Jay, Oklahoma that not only lets you see the wooly animals, but let’s you pet them as well.

Zena Suri Alpacas was formed by Tom and Kathleen Callan in 2008. Both come from a broadcast journalism background and have since made Northeast Oklahoma home. What started as business geared toward the buying and selling of alpacas, quickly became a local tourist attraction.

People can schedule a visit of the 78 acre ranch where they can make their own fleece, get a tour of the property and of course hangout with the alpacas. You can call (804) 389-2579 to schedule a tour.

For more information visit

Fire devastates Whitehead Farm Supply in La Russell

LA RUSSELL, Mo. – A large fire left extensive damage at Whitehead Farm Supply in La Russell, Missouri Friday morning.

Firefighters received the call around 4:00 a.m. Avilla, Jasper, Carthage and Golden City Fire Departments responded to the scene. Crews had it under control before 6:00 a.m.

The fire leveled a building, however officials say no one was hurt. There’s no word yet on what caused the fire.

Joplin alpaca farm offers tours to residents

JOPLIN, Mo. – A local farm is offering tours of it’s facilities to local residents. The tour showcased alpacas at the ‘Magajupa Mine Alpacas’ farm in east Joplin.

Kids and adults alike had an opportunity Saturday to learn about what it takes to take care of the alpacas and interact with them. There were also fleece samples available, products made from fleece and, most importantly, an opportunity to take selfies with the alpacas.

“We enjoy it,” said Daryel Schaffer of Magajupa Mine Alpaca Farm. “We like to watch the kids interact with the Alpacas. They seem to enjoy it. It’s been a lot of work keeping up with stuff, keeping up with all the alpacas. We had sheering yesterday which, in the rain, was quite an ordeal but it got done.”

Guests were asked to practice social distancing along the tours, which last forty-five minutes.