JOPLIN, Mo. – The bridge on South Range Line Rd. is back open. The Missouri Department of Transportation says the opening is about one month early.

The re-opening comes just in time for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday shoppers.

Drivers using Davis Blvd. and other side streets, experienced serious congestion issues during the closure.

MODOT says this bridge is included in Gov. Mike Parson’s $351 million Focus on Bridges program, which will repair or replace 250 bridges across the state.

“The contractor, Hartman & Company, Inc. of Springfield, worked hard to get this bridge open several weeks ahead of schedule and in time for the Christmas shopping season,” said Southwest District Engineer Steve Campbell.

The original bridge, built in 1976, closed in early September for demolition. Contractor crews replaced the old bridge with a new structure that is two (2) feet higher and 15 feet wider than the one it replaced. The contractor also built new sidewalks on either side of the bridge.

“We want to thank drivers, area businesses and our partners at the City of Joplin for their patience and understanding while we worked to replace this important bridge in a busy part of Joplin’s commercial district,” Campbell said.

Approximately 24,580 vehicles cross the bridge daily, according to MODOT.

For more information about the project, click: www.modot.org/range-line-roadkansas-city-southern-railroad-bridge-replacement.

Project information:

  • Prime contractor: Hartman & Company Inc., Springfield
  • Total project cost: $6.2 million
  • Contract completion date: December 16, 2022

In coming years, MoDOT says it will replace bridges on North Main Street (Missouri Route 43) over the Kansas City Southern Railroad and Turkey Creek, along with building a new bridge over the Kansas City Southern Railroad on 32nd Street (Route FF).


BREAKING NEWS STORY: Caney, Kansas declares a water emergency

CANEY, Ks. – the city announces on its website a declaration of a water emergency. This declaration means mandatory water conservation for all citizens and businesses in Caney and means no water used for outdoor watering; either public or private, commercial, agricultural or industrial purposes, except water actually necessary to maintain the health and personal hygiene of bona fide employees of such business or interest while such employees are engaged in the performance of their duties at their place of employment. The declaration is effective immediately. Residents are warned they can face disconnection of services or even citations if they use unnecessary water.


UPDATE: One officer, suspect dead after shooting

JOPLIN, Mo—The Jasper County Coroner has confirmed that one officer and the suspect from Tuesday’s shooting has died from their injuries. Jasper County Coroner Randy Nance could not release the names of those who died because of the sensitive nature of the situation. The City of Joplin has called a 9 AM press conference Wednesday to release more information on the incident.

It all started with a call to police around 1:22 Tuesday afternoon. The caller reporting a disturbance in the area of the Buckle store near 4th and Range Line.

The suspect exchanged gunfire with police officers. That individual was next spotted at 9th and Connecticut, which led to shots fired between the suspect and officers.

Stay tuned to KODE/KSN for the latest on this developing situation.


UPDATE: Newton & Jasper CO homicides related, authorities say


NEWTON COUNTY — Authorities now suspect a body found in Newton County Saturday is connected with two other bodies found in Jasper County.

The body of 25 year old, Brylee Obanion was discovered in a ditch along the side of State Line Road in Newton County around 4:10 PM Saturday. Detectives immediately began treating the scene as a homicide.

An autopsy is scheduled to determine Obanion’s exact cause of death.

Jasper County authorities were dispatched to 255 Greenfield, Avilla around 5:30 PM Sunday where they discovered the bodies of a deceased male and female. Their autopsies have been scheduled.

Jasper County Deputies believe this case is related to the Brylee Obanion homicide in Newton County.

So far, one suspect has been arrested as of 4:30 AM Monday morning: Kevin C. Johnson, 24 of Reeds, was arrested for homicide and is being held in the Jasper County jail.

No other suspects are being sought at this time.

This is a developing story, and we will update it as more information becomes available.

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NEWTON COUNTY — A homicide investigation is underway after a body was found in rural Newton County.

The body was found just before 4 P.M. Saturday by travelers along State Line Road, South of Angus Drive.

Authorities say this likely was a targeted incident and that there is currently no threat to the public.

Information has not been released by authorities due to next of kin notification not being conducted at this point.

An autopsy on the individual is scheduled for early this week.

If you have any information about what happened call the Newton County Sheriff’s Office at 417-451-8300.