Portion of W. 32nd St. to close November 21; Widening project continues

JOPLIN, Mo. – The City of Joplin says it will close off the western section of West 32nd St. to continue its widening project beginning November 21.

The City says an additional section of West 32nd Street will be closed from the east side of Alfalfa Road to the west side of Crane Drive as work progresses toward Central City Road.

Detour routes will be posted and access to local properties will be maintained at all times, according to the City’s press release.

This closure of 32nd Street is one of the multiple closures occurring as the widening project between Schifferdecker Avenue and Central City Road progresses.

Officials say this closure will be in place through the middle of next year.

Drivers should be wary of deer as visibility gets low

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – The Kansas Highway Patrol says motorists should be weary of deer as the sun begins to set earlier in the day.

Officers with the patrol say the most common time that accidents occur is at dusk and dawn.

This is due to low visibility from drivers while deer activity is at its peak.

Experts say drivers should slow down at deer crossing signs which are usually posed in the following locations:

  • Where deer-vehicle collisions have repeatedly occurred
  • Near woods
  • By parks
  • Next to golf courses
  • Along streams or creeks

Officers say Motorcyclists need to be especially careful; fatality rates are higher in deer-motorcycle accidents than in deer-car crashes.

According to the KHP, anyone involved in a vehicle-deer crash that results in personal injury or property damage of  $1,000 or more is required to immediately report the crash to the nearest law enforcement agency.

Failure to report any traffic crash is a misdemeanor and may result in the suspension of driving privileges.

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Sunshine Lamp Trolley to suspend services beginning Nov. 28

JOPLIN, Mo. – The City of Joplin today announced a reduction of public transportation options for Joplin residents starting Nov. 28.

At that time, the Sunshine Lamp Trolley service will be suspended until further notice and riders will be referred to the MAPS service that provides curb-to-curb service.

City officials say the change comes due to a shortage of drivers.

“It is unfortunate that we have to reduce this service,” said City Manager Nick Edwards. “We are working to increase our applicant pool by working with area schools and training facilities that teach these skills to individuals. Although the stringent qualifications, as well as the low unemployment rate, are a challenge, we are focusing our efforts to allow us to renew the Trolley Service when conditions are more favorable.”

MAPS service is currently available in Joplin, Carterville, Webb City, Duenweg, Oronogo, and Duquesne.

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I-49 tractor trailer jackknifed into median on Civil War curve

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — About 8a.m. Tuesday, November 8, 2022 reports of a tractor trailer into the median on the I-49 south curve near Civil War Road exit 55.

Missouri State Highway Patrol report no injuries as the driver remained on scene.

Traffic continues however look for delays in southbound traffic as it is removed.

Conditions were light rain falling and 55° at time of single vehicle crash

M&M Wrecker removed the crash about 9 a.m. and MoDOT cleared the northbound lanes of debris and mud.

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Deputies release more information on double drowning incident involving 6-year-old

ADAIR COUNTY, Okla. – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol today released more information regarding an automotive drowning incident that claimed the life of a 6-year-old and vehicle driver in northeast Oklahoma.

The OHP says the drowning incident occurred on November 4th.

Originally, News on 6 reported that a 6-year-old died after their vehicle was swept into floodwater.

Deputies say the driver of the vehicle was attempting to cross a low water bridge with water flowing over the surface when it was subsequently swept into the water.

>>6-year-old dies after vehicle is swept into floodwater in northeast Oklahoma

The police report indicates that two other juveniles were in the vehicle along with the now-deceased 6-year-old and 43-year-old driver Tylen Turman, of Jay, Oklahoma.

Officers pronounced Turnman dead due to drowning.

The OHP says the body of Turman was found about 11 miles northwest of the incident.

Investigated by Trooper Anthony Dotson #838 of the Cherokee/Adair County Detachment of Troop C including other local and state entities.


Top cars that are no longer affordable in each state

(iSeeCars) — Used car prices have increased as a result of changes in consumer behavior, supply chain issues, and other effects of the pandemic; however, household incomes and wage growth have not grown at the same rate.

According to the latest iSeeCars.com analysis, these used car price increases have resulted in a 26.7% drop in used car affordability from August 2019 to August 2022. 

Used Cars That Have Dropped the Most in Affordability in Each State

iSeeCars determined the used cars that have had the most significant decreases in affordability in each state.  

Used Cars That Have Dropped the Most in Affordability in Each State
State Used Car Model % Above Used Car Affordability Threshold, August 2022 $ Over Aug 2019 Used Car Price Avg 3yo Used Car Price Aug 2022
Alabama Toyota Camry 40.3% $11,164 $27,720
Alaska Jeep Cherokee 3.7% $7,918 $29,563
Arizona Volvo S60 29.5% $13,676 $32,762
Arkansas Jeep Compass 36.4% $11,758 $26,256
California Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 27.6% $14,965 $39,691
Colorado BMW 3 Series 33.5% $15,586 $40,231
Connecticut Ford Mustang 34.4% $16,020 $41,242
Delaware Chevrolet Traverse 45.1% $15,436 $37,783
Florida Nissan LEAF 55.5% $23,418 $35,919
Georgia Toyota Prius 36.4% $13,836 $33,254
Hawaii Dodge Charger 44.7% $20,634 $44,995
Idaho Subaru Legacy 44.7% $17,957 $35,231
Illinois Volvo S60 35.8% $15,961 $35,922
Indiana Honda Accord 28.9% $11,806 $29,637
Iowa GMC Terrain 30.0% $11,538 $31,236
Kansas Honda Accord 29.9% $10,915 $30,513
Kentucky Volkswagen Tiguan 40.1% $12,977 $28,527
Louisiana Volkswagen Tiguan 47.2% $11,977 $28,093
Maine Honda CR-V 29.9% $11,221 $30,832
Maryland Audi A6 37.3% $19,637 $45,361
Massachusetts Chevrolet Camaro 22.9% $17,407 $40,366
Michigan Toyota Camry Hybrid 45.2% $14,561 $33,768
Minnesota Ford Mustang 37.4% $17,945 $39,133
Mississippi Jeep Compass 46.3% $10,663 $26,106
Missouri Honda Accord 35.0% $12,954 $30,597
Montana Honda Civic 19.4% $10,441 $27,661
Nebraska Honda Accord 28.3% $12,798 $31,405
Nevada Toyota Prius 29.4% $11,038 $31,425
New Hampshire Chevrolet Traverse 11.6% $13,162 $36,173
New Jersey Audi A6 42.3% $20,304 $46,539
New Mexico Toyota Camry 48.2% $13,882 $29,308
New York Ford Mustang 26.3% $13,753 $34,385
North Carolina Toyota Camry Hybrid 37.5% $12,994 $31,213
North Dakota Toyota RAV4 41.5% $13,088 $34,478
Ohio Nissan LEAF 48.4% $20,193 $33,845
Oklahoma Honda Accord 42.9% $11,527 $29,232
Oregon Nissan LEAF 34.7% $21,762 $35,325
Pennsylvania Volvo S60 43.4% $14,936 $36,225
Rhode Island Chevrolet Traverse 29.0% $12,549 $34,974
South Carolina Honda Accord 43.4% $12,974 $31,171
South Dakota Honda Accord 24.9% $11,190 $30,269
Tennessee Honda Accord 37.2% $11,976 $30,005
Texas Volvo S60 36.0% $12,018 $33,358
Utah Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 30.9% $13,261 $38,103
Vermont Toyota RAV4 16.4% $9,970 $30,891
Virginia Jeep Wrangler 33.7% $14,565 $39,671
Washington Chevrolet Traverse 30.4% $14,990 $40,258
West Virginia Jeep Compass 35.2% $9,177 $25,381
Wisconsin MINI Countryman 39.2% $15,714 $34,244
Wyoming Ford Escape 17.1% $7,363 $27,975
  • The used car that has dropped the most in affordability in the most states is the Honda Accord in eight states.
  • The used car that is priced the highest above the used car affordability threshold is the Nissan LEAF in Florida at 55.5 percent.

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iSeeCars calculated its Car Affordability Index for new and used cars monthly from April 2019 to August 2022. The Car Affordability Index was calculated as the ratio between median household income (obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS) one-year estimates and projected using the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Earnings reports) and an idealized income for car payments, based on new cars’ and three-year-old used cars’ pricing. An index of 100 means the idealized income for car payments exactly matches household income; values above 100 mean household income is greater than the idealized income for car payments, while values below 100 mean household income is less than the idealized income. Car payments were estimated using Bankrate.com’s published auto loan interest rates and loan terms, and the idealized household income was estimated assuming car payments should be no more than 10% of a household’s annual income. The iSeeCars Car Affordability Index was calculated for new and three-year-old used cars both nationally, by state, and by the Census Bureau’s Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs).

About iSeeCars.com:

iSeeCars.com is a car search engine that helps shoppers find the best car deals by providing key insights and valuable resources, like the iSeeCars VIN check report and Best Cars rankings. iSeeCars.com has saved users over $354 million so far by applying big data analytics powered by over 25 billion (and growing) data points and using proprietary algorithms to objectively analyze, score and rank millions of new cars and used cars.

Grove man in critical condition passes away due to injuries sustained in crash

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla. – The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said a man in critical condition passed away due to injuries sustained in a major crash.

Deputies say the collision occured on October 15 on S 4220 Road just 2 miles east and 3 miles south of Inola, OK.

According to the crash report, a 2020 Freightliner driven by Dave Cairns, 20, was traveling northbound when it exited the roadway. Police say Cairns attempted to correct his vehicle but instead entered the southbound lane, striking a 2019 Nissan Sentra driven by Harold Lee Scott, 22.

Following the crash, passenger Joseph Alan Littlebear, 33, of Grove, OK. was ejected from his vehicle.

Police say Littlebear was then transported to St Francis Hospital in Tulsa and treated for head, trunk, arm, and leg injuries.

On October 27, Littlebear was pronounced deceased at St. Francis due to injuries sustained in the collision.

This incident was investigated by Trooper Andy Floyd #261 of the Rogers County detachment of Troop B. Assisted by Trooper Robbie Argo #218 of the Traffic Homicide Unit of Troop Z. Also assisted by the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office, Pafford EMS, and the Inola Fire Department.

KDOT seeks employees ahead of rough winter months

TOPEKA, Kan. – With winter approaching, KDOT says a shortage of workers may affect its ability to clear snow and ice from highways in a timely manner.

In many areas, KDOT says they lack snowplow operators.

The agency says it is about 24% short of the personnel needed to be fully staffed in offices across the state.

“We want motorists to know ahead of time – it’s not a matter of if the highways will be cleared this winter, but when,” said Transportation Secretary Julie Lorenz. “KDOT crews will be proactive by shifting crews and pretreating surfaces whenever possible but having fewer employees could cause delays in removing snow and ice from all the affected roadways.”

To better prepare themselves, employees are participating in regional meetings with several days of hands-on snowfighter training exercises

KDOT says to check here for highway conditions, short-term closures and general traffic alerts as the weather gets more intense in winter months.

“Our maintenance crews always do their best to serve the public as they work 12-hour shifts in their efforts to clear the highways,” said Secretary Lorenz. “But motorists can help by checking on road conditions and weather forecasts in advance and possibly delaying travel plans. It’s important to plan ahead, stay informed and travel safe.”


Railway closes Main Street crossing near Wyandotte, Okla.

OTTAWA COUNTY. Okla. – The BNSF says the railroad crossing on Main Street going into Wyandotte is currently closed.

Officials with the railway say the crossing closed on November 1st at 10:00 A.M. and it will remain closed for the following 3 days.

The Wyandotte Nation Police Department says traffic will be detoured down 155 rd. from South Highway 10 to reach downtown Wyandotte.

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15-year-old in critical condition, hit by car on Hwy 60

AURORA, Mo. – A 15-year-old Aurora, Missouri boy is in critical condition after a car hits him on Highway 60.

“His injuries are critical and he has undergone surgery. He is far from out of the woods. We would encourage our community to continue prayers and offers of support for this young man and his family. The outpouring so far has been remarkable and refreshing to us in a business where we hear so much negative. We are reminded so often how incredible our community is and how willing people are to offer help, support, prayer, and time for people in need. We need that, this family needs that.” – Aurora and Marionville Police Department.

According to the Aurora Police Department, they continue conducting a “full and thorough” investigation.

Authorities say right now, it doesn’t appear the driver of the car that hit the boy was impaired.

Police believe the 15-year-old boy and a friend were crossing Highway 60 in low-light conditions and were hard to see as he was in dark clothing.

“We continue to assess evidence to determine if any traffic violation was committed,” states the Police Department on social media.

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