Mercy Continues to Offer Walk-in Vaccinations

JOPLIN, Mo. — A local hospital is temporarily accepting walk-ins that desire a COVID-19 vaccination.

From 8 AM – 7 PM starting Monday through Tuesday (March 8th-9th) Mercy Hospital Joplin will offer first-dose Pfizer vaccines to Missourians who qualify under state guidelines.

Mercy Hospital Joplin
100 Mercy Way
Joplin, Mo. 64804
Clinic entrance, suite 210


Follow a ranger along the trails to learn about the women that impacted Carver's life

DIAMOND, Mo. — The George Washington Carver National Monument is having a “Women in George Washington Carver’s life” that is part of their outdoor program.

Follow a ranger along the trails to learn about the women that impacted Carver’s life like Mariah Watching, Lucy Simon, and Sofia Liston.

Watkins was a influence on Carver when he needed a place to stay while in Neosho.

She helped strengthen his confidence, nurtured his budding faith in god, and encouraged him to pursue an education.

Sarah Martin Park Ranger, says, “They’re just amazing humans I think when we think about these women, we think about there characteristics their strong characteristics that would have been so influential to George.”

The program will continue Sunday at 1 P.M. if you weren’t able to come Saturday.


Wildcat Glades taught kids and their families how to make seed bomb using soil

JOPLIN, Mo. — Local kids got to get down and dirty to help turn their yard, or garden area into a pollinators dream.

Wildcat Glades taught kids and their families how to make seed bomb using soil, seeds locally collected and kitty litter to create an explosion of native flowers for their yard.

While also learning why it’s important to have wildflowers, how they help feed bees, and what bees and butterflies are facing right now.

Lauren Copple Wildcat Naturals Program Coordinator, says, “Year it’s a big part we do at wildcats, big part of our mission is educating the next group uh the next generation that’s coming in to cherish the flowers that we have and the bees that pollenate those flowers and the food that it provides.”

Bee pollination accounts for about 15 billion in added crop value.


Sam's Cellar helping to travel the Neosho Trails

NEOSHO, Mo. — If you’re needing extra help traveling up the Neosho trails, then Sam’s Cellar and hub-bub has you covered.

Both businesses will be running a shuttle every Saturday from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. for $10 that will give you limited access to the shuttle as well as a discount on your pre or post ride meal.

Stop by Sam’s cellar to receive your shuttle wrist band and head to the trailhead parking near the baseball fields and look for the shuttle black truck.

The shuttle can take up to 4 people and bikes up the hill.


Little Shop of Horrors date set for NEO

MIAMI, Okla. — NEO Theatre Experience has set new dates for their production of the comedy rock musical “Little Shop of Horrors.”

The show will now run on March 25-28 at the NEO A&M College of Fine Arts Center after the winter weather and Covid precautions delayed their prop and theater supply delivery.

Shows for March 25-27 will be at 7:30 P.M. and March 28 at 2:30 P.M.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for teens and children, and free for NEO students and employees.

Masks and social distancing required on campus.


New management has new ideas at a local dirt racing track

NEVADA, Mo. — Dirt racing season is about to take the green flag at one local short track that is under new management.

Lamar residents Jerry and Norma Davis are now the new track operators at the Nevada Speedway.

The track has many things planned for this season, including a memorial race for one of their drivers and a fireworks show on Fourth of July weekend.

Fans will also get a chance to take part in prize giveaways and activities, including bicycle races and driver interactions.

Jerry Davis says he’s ready to provide race fans with a fun experience.

Jerry Davis, Nevada Speedway Operator, says, “I’ve been coming to Nevada Speedway my entire life and this opportunity came up and I thought I might as well take it because I love racing and I love the sport. I love the drivers and I love the fans and I just want to put on a good show for everybody.”

Broc Rose, driver, says, “Jerry and Norma and little jerry are really good people and I’m excited for them to get the chance to do this deal. They’ve been here all my life that I’ve been here. They’ve been in the stands watching and they started helping out here.”

The speedway will host their season opening race on Saturday, April 17.

Tickets for adults are $10, while children can get in for $5.

For more information on races at Nevada Speedway, you can follow their Facebook page.

We have a link at here


The BBB says you need to look into insurance when planning your special day

MISSOURI — The pandemic is making it harder for couples to plan the wedding of their dreams.

The Better Business Bureau is warning everyone to always read the contracts and check with vendors about their cancellation or rescheduling policy.

The BBB says you also need to look into insurance when planning your special day.

They say a lot of people are getting insurance but not asking if they are covered for coronavirus related issues.

Couples also need to think ahead if they will require masks for their big day.

Stephanie Garland, BBB Regional Director, says, “You also need to know are you going to require for your guests to wear masks? Are you going to sit them a certain amount apart for the CDC’s guidelines. Or are you going to ask for them to go ahead and make sure they are not around many people for a two week period prior to your wedding then come to your wedding and have your wedding as if it was normal. Make sure you’re being safe and coming up with a plan B.”

She says before you sign a contract with a vendor or anyone make sure to check here to see if they are accredited.


The Goats in the Garden Event came to Joplin Saturday morning

JOPLIN, Mo. — Saturday morning the Joplin Empire Market held a fun event for the whole family.

Saturday was The First Goats in the Garden Event.

Master Gardener, Eric Osen, brought in his baby goats for the community to feed and play with while teaching the community how to garden.

Osen says this event was a way to teach the community about composting and the benefits of gardening.

He hopes to have more events like this in the future.

Eric Osen, Ozark Gateway Master Gardeners, says, “Right now we’ve got some hay growing and I’m hoping we can do a red hen type thing. Where we can talk to the kids about where wheat comes from and then how that’s made into bread and maybe get a red hen books and make it an education hour.”

Lane Bladdick, says, “I thought it was really cute and really fun.”

They have 18 garden beds for the community to garden.

To apply for your own spot at the community garden go here .


The Jasper County and Newton County Republicans are hosting their Annual Lincoln Days Event

JOPLIN, Mo. — Saturday night the top elected Missouri officials are in Joplin for an Annual Southwest Missouri Political Event.

The Jasper County and Newton County Republicans are hosting their Annual Lincoln Days Event.

Last year’s Lincoln Days was canceled because of Coronavirus.

Governor Mike Parson, Lieutenant Governor, Mike Kehoe along with State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft and Representative Billy Long were in attendance.

The Lieutenant Governor says tonight they will discuss the difference between Missouri compared to other states.

Mike Kehoe, Missouri Lieutenant Governor, says, “Certainly what’s happening in washington d.C. And the massive spending bill they passed today is concerning for us as conservatives. And missourians they know how to work, they want to work and we don’t need these big bailouts from DC.”

He says they want to win back Republican House and Senate seats to take control of both the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in 2022.

Meanwhile the Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick says Missouri’s economy is in good shape compared to others.

He says its because of budget decisions at the start of the pandemic to reduce spending last fiscal year.

Scott Fitzpatrick, Missouri State Treasurer, says,
“The State Treasury is in very good shape. We actually have a lot of cash right now and are poised to have a really good budget year. Our general assembly is working on the fiscal year 2022 budget right now and we are in a situation where revenue is coming in better than we anticipated.”

Sunday night’s fundraiser will help the Jasper County and Newton County Republicans.

280 people were in attendance for Lincoln Days.