Splash Pad coming soon to Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, Kan. — A new city project is making a big “splash” in Pittsburg.

A new splash pad will soon be coming to Schlanger Park.

This will be replacing the old fill and drain pool which previously had existed in the park since the 1930’s.

The city plans to open it in mid-July alongside the new pavilion and butterfly garden in the park.

The project was funded halfway by The Land and Water Conservation Fund grant back in 2020 but then gained community support to move the rest of the project along.

Kim Vogel, Pittsburg Parks And Recreation Director, says, “Several organizations step up to volunteer financially to help move the project forward, which has been great, some donations that have come in, otherwise we couldn’t do it, so everyone seems pretty excited to have this in our community.”

The Everybody Plays taskforce is looking for volunteers to help with the park this summer.

If you’d like to get involved you can contact Vogel at Pittsburg Parks and Recreation at (620) 231-8310


Trails in Columbus entering the final stages of construction

COLUMBUS, Kan. — The city of Columbus is about to get a little more active. The first trails in Columbus are entering the final phases of construction.

One trail will loop around the soccer fields in Eddington Park before it will connect to even more trails throughout the city.

Once the trail system is completed it’s estimated to be about three miles long.

Officials hope the trails will help with economic development and improve community health.

Dan Walters, Columbus Trails Committee, says, “We got a couple of places where people can walk off road but we’re working on building up the sidewalks and the walking areas, so it’s important that people can get their exercise in here, like i say it’s going to be a good place to get of the road and walk a little bit.”

The walking path is estimated to be completed in two weeks according to Walters.

There are also plans to install benches, restrooms and a concession stand at Eddington Park.


Fort Scott business is closing their doors but likely not for long

FORT SCOTT, Kan. — After only a few months in operation, the Star Emporium Downtown General Store will be closing its doors, but maybe not for long.

Monday will be their final day in Fort Scott for now and there will be a 60% off liquidation sale from 10 A.M. until 7 P.M.

Their goal is to close for a little bit and develop a new food co-op model for the community by partnering with local producers.

The store is expects to re-open mid-summer under the new model.

Those interested in participating in the co-op can contact them through the phone or online.

We have that information here or call. 785.213.7745

(620) 644-4414


The city of Parsons saw the return of some of its history recently

PARSONS, Kan. — The city of Parsons saw the return of some of its history recently.

The Parsons Historical Society Museum, hosted their seasonal opening this weekend.

The museum debuted their recently completed West End Hall with new display cases and exhibits including one from the Boy Scouts of America.

The museum was unable to open on time last year due to the pandemic, preventing a lot of major fundraising from taking place.

Since it operates off of donations from the community, opening on time held extra importance for the museum this year.

Jonna Gabbert, Parsons Historical Society Museum Board Member, says, “We’re in the process of growing and adding new exhibits all the time, so when your traffic is slow, it’s decreased, it really impacts what you can do throughout the season.”

Steve Farrell, Parsons Historical Society Museum Board Member, says, “Opening on time sends a signal that we’re here and we’re going to be here.”

The museum is in the process of looking for volunteers as they plan events later on in the year.

The museum is open Friday-Sunday from 1 P.M. to 4 P.M.


Morning fire at a local business is being investigated

JOPLIN, Mo. — Multiple agencies are investigating a fire at a Joplin business.

The fire started just after 11 A.M. at Green Flag Automotive near Seventh and South Duquense Road.

Duenweg Fire Department, Webb City FD, and Joplin Fire Department responded to put out the flames.

Fire crews say there was a pressure issue with the rural hydrants so Carthage Fire Department and Diamond Fire Protection District assisted along with Oronogo Fire Department.

The State Fire Marshall is investigating the cause of the fire.


East 20th Street and Grand Avenue early morning fire being investigated

JOPLIN, Mo. — The Red Cross is helping two families that were displaced from an early morning fire.

The Joplin Fire Department responded to a house fire at a vacant home near East 20th Street and Grand Avenue just after midnight.

Fire crews evacuated homes north and south of the fire because strong winds and flames were threatening nearby homes.

The Joplin Fire Department says the vacant home was a total loss and two homes next door were damaged by the flames.

Red cross is helping those two families.

No one was injured.

It took fire crews an hour to put out the flames.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


131 physicians graduated from KCU Joplin for their first class ever

JOPLIN, Mo. — Kansas City University Joplin is celebrating its first class of physicians.

Sunday afternoon 131 physicians graduated from KCU Joplin.

18 of those physicians will be staying in the Joplin area and eight physicians are commissioning into the armed forces.

Zack Wages, Physician, says, “The best way i can describe it right now after that ceremony is feeling very honored and grateful for that opportunity. I’m from Joplin i went to Joplin High School and graduated in this building at Missouri Southern and now graduating medical school here. Just thinking about all the things that had to happen for me to get to his point.”

Marc Hahn, President CEO of Kansas City University, says, “This is an exciting day to see this dream come true.”

KCU Joplin will be breaking ground on their new dental school on May 22.

The Kansas City University president says Joplin will be the smallest community in the United States to have both a medical and dental school.


Joplin business has helped 49 pets find homes in the past 2 months

JOPLIN, Mo. — A Joplin business is helping shelter cats find their forever homes.

The Nine Lives Cat Lounge And Adoption Center has helped 49 cats find permanent homes over the past two months.

They adopt cats from rescue partners the Joplin Humane Society, Second Chances in Grove, and Faithful Friends from Neosho.

They put the cats in a natural environment to interact with people looking to adopt.

Jon Thomas Buck, Head Cat Wrangler, says, “It’s been a studied that this type of environment helps increase their chance of being adopted by 63 percent. So it gets them to a low stress environment so you can see the personalities of the cats and try to connect with them on a one on one basis.”

The center offers same day adoptions.

To make a reservation go here


A Baxter Springs organization celebrates the efforts of a very special team of horses

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. — A Baxter Springs organization celebrates the efforts of a very special team of horses.

The month long fundraiser Run for the Roses has wrapped up for the Horses For Hope.

The organization’s horses offer therapeutic riding lessons to children and adults with disabilities.

The fundraiser started back in 2019 for the month leading up to the Kentucky Derby.

This year it gained even more support.

It even had enough donations to run two separate online auctions.

Vallerie Sweeton, Horses for Hope Co-Founder, says, “Fundraising has been really hard in the era of Covid, so we are so excited with how well this fundraiser went and how much support we had from our community and our participants.”

The money raised will go towards the care of all of the horses in the organization.

Team Rowdy took first place, raising over $1,600 out of the organizations $7,300.


The Fast and the Furriest Drift 5K Run and Walk held Saturday in Webb City

WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Joplin Humane Society had their own version of Fast and the Furious Saturday – it was just a little hairier.

The Fast and the Furriest Drift 5K Run and Walk took place in King Jack Park in Webb City.

Proceeds raised from the run will go to the shelter to help it provide medical care and support to the nearly 10 thousand homeless pets in the area.

With the shelter entering one of it’s busiest times of the year, it says now was the perfect time to host the run.

Tianna Fisher, Joplin Humane Society Shelter Services Manager, says, “Right now is puppy and kitten season, so we have anywhere from 10 to thirty puppies and kittens at a time coming through our doors almost on a daily basis.”

Anthony Howard came in first place for the race overall, and he was shortly followed by Henry who was the first dog to finish.