The Curtis Wright House – The one that got away

Carthage has many beautiful Victorian homes, but possibly the most famous of them is not in Carthage… anymore.

During my childhood, anytime we were in Eureka Springs, my parents would stop at the Tastee Freez. Carthage used to have one where Burger King is currently. Next door was a giant of an old house that they explained was moved there from our town. I still can’t fathom the process of moving and putting that house back together.

Recently that house came up in conversation and I asked them where that house used to sit. They explained it sat where the parking lot behind Ulmer Funeral Home. I thought aloud how I would like to see a photo of the house in its original location. That’s why I was exited today to see someone post this photo on social media.

The Curtis Wright House in its original location at 304 W Macon in Carthage, Mo

It looks exactly like it should.

This led me to searching the internet for more details where I found this writeup about the move.

As well as a web page for the current property with lots of current pictures.

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