OK Gov. Kevin Stitt begins second term

OKLAHOMA CITY — Governor Kevin Stitt delivered his second Inaugural Address on Monday.

Stitt said one of his goals is to bring professional educators to the top in the region in pay and benefits.

Stitt is just one of five governors in Oklahoma to be reelected to a second term. The others are George Nigh, Frank Keating, Brad Henry, and Mary Fallin. 

Since statehood, Oklahoma has had 28 governors. Six governors were Republican and 22 governors were Democrat.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters was also sworn in at the State Capitol on Monday beginning his four-year term.

“It is an honor to be elected and serve as the next State Superintendent,” Walters said in a prepared statement. “I look forward to giving Oklahoma students the best opportunity to learn from the great teachers here in Oklahoma.”

Ryan Walters

Walters said his plans are to audit every educational dollar, fight to increase teacher pay, and evaluate best practices.

“I look forward to working with Governor Stitt, the Legislature, and the State Board of Education to empower parents, increase teacher pay, protect girls’ sports and keep the fundamentals of Oklahoma’s educational system at the forefront during my tenure,” Walters said.

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