Video shows strangers follow 10-year-old boy, steal packages from Independence home

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence, Missouri, woman tried to stop thieves from taking her neighbor’s package Thursday evening.

But Tammy Baggett didn’t see them chasing her 10-year-old neighbor moments before stealing the items.

“Oh my God, I didn’t know he was home,” Baggett said. “He’s a little upset.”

The boy’s family didn’t want to talk on camera. His father said the 10-year-old boy is still shaken up.

The man said his son was walking home when a car started following him. A passenger got out of the car, started running toward his son, but the driver of the car said, “Not now.”

When the 10-year-old was secure in the home, the same guy walked up to the front porch and stole the family’s packages.

“You know, I was taught if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t touch it,” Baggett said.

She yelled at the thieves while they stole the items.

“When I saw the UPS man come up the street, I saw that car go by and they stopped and waited for the UPS man to walk across the street and drop the packages, and then I didn’t see them again,” Baggett said.

“I didn’t think any more about it until I saw that person and that car sitting there, and I knew it was the same person.”

The 10-year-old’s dad said he thinks they wanted to take his son’s keys and break in the home.

The family filed a police report, but Independence police said it’s hard to identify the suspects. The report said hamster items and makeup were in the packages the crooks stole.

“I’m gonna watch out for him, and we’re going to walk home from the bus stop together,” Bagget said.

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