Joplin school honors longtime, beloved volunteer on her retirement

JOPLIN, Mo. — A very special volunteer was honored by everyone from administrators to students this morning at Dover Hill Elementary in Joplin.

“Let’s put it this way, I did anything I could do to help the teachers save some time,” said Joanne Wills, Retired Volunteer, Joplin Schools.

Joanne Wills has logged more than 15,000 volunteer hours over the past 22 years throughout the Joplin School District. Now she says it’s time to retire.

Wills has helped out in many ways – from teaching kids how to tie their shoes, to spreading kindness with her contagious smile. But, the reason she began volunteering, may surprise you.

“I didn’t have very many friends at home because there was nobody around me. Here, everybody is so friendly and everything, and then the kids, I love being around the kids. They’re quite a thing,” she said.

Wills says she hasn’t decided how she wants to spend her retirement, but she plans to keep busy because she doesn’t like to sit down.

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