Plans to demo old Jasper Co. courts building move forward

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — County construction isn’t quite done yet.

Across the brand new parking lot, the now old courts building, which has stood there for 49 years. There are still a few things left to move over to the new facility.

Crews hope to start the demolition process on the old building next month. And, there are plans for the space after it’s gone — but those will have to wait a few weeks.

“Then there’ll be a couple maybe a month or two because it’s winter time. You know we can’t asphalt at that time but there’ll be areas to park for the public. It won’t be on the asphalt necessarily but it’ll be places to park nonetheless. And then once springtime comes, then they’ll finally complete the parking lot and then we’ll be done,” said Erik Theis, Jasper County Court Admin.

Voters approved funding for the project in 2019 — and construction on the new building started in December of 2020.

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