Survey asks citizens to rate Joplin services

JOPLIN, Mo. — Citizens now have a chance to provide their input about city services in an online survey.

It’s all a part of a Benchmark and Level of Service Study currently underway.

The survey is being conducted by city officials through MATRIX Consulting to assess the current level of services provided by the city staff, given the available resources.

“This study will provide an assessment of our current services, staffing levels, and other resources to establish appropriate benchmarks,” said Nick Edward City Manager. “It will help evaluate the level of services provided, including the efficiency and effectiveness of those services in order for the city to provide the highest quality of services to citizens and visitors.”

Joplin residents get the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback on municipal services through this online survey. It will also compare the benchmarks to other comparable and high-growth Missouri and Midwestern cities, as well as national standards.

“The city desires effective, efficient, quality services to attract and retain people and businesses to our community, and this study will help identify our current status in reaching this goal,” said Edwards.

If you’re on a desktop computer, you can take the survey here.

If you’re on mobile (smartphones, tablets, etc), you can scan the QR code below.

The survey is open from January 3rd until January 20th, 2023.

If you would rather complete a printed survey, all you have to do is visit the Joplin Public Library at 1901, East 20th Street in Joplin.

The results of the survey will be reviewed by city staff and presented to city council as a tool for planning resources as the city addresses future projects and action plans developed following the city’s listening tour. For questions or assistance in completing the survey, please contact city administration at 417-624-0820, ext. 1200.

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