Personal Property tax forms are on the way

CARTHAGE, Mo. — You may not be ready to think about paying 2023 taxes, but Missouri tax forms are already in the mail.

Residents will soon receive the document for them to list all the personal property they own as of January 1st.

Common items range from cars and trucks to airplanes and RV’s.

The list, of course, is used to calculate personal property tax bills, which won’t be sent out until the end of the year.

“That would include trailers, motorcycles, boats, motors, livestock, and farm machinery. And even if you have permanent plates on your vehicles, your trailers, you still have to assess for those,” said Lisa Perry, Jasper Co. Assessor.

For Jasper County residents, the form can be filled out online through the assessor’s website, here.

The information is due by March 1st.

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