The makeover: A girl dad's rite of passage

KSNF/KODE — It all started with some girls receiving make-up for Christmas in 2020 for the internet dads, brothers, and uncles to chime in with their makeover experiences. The post is making its rounds on social media once again.

The post comes from Brad Cubbie on Twitter. He shares a photo of himself looking nearly defeated as bright rouge is smeared on his cheeks, all over his nose, and dabbed in the middle of his forehead. Blue eyeshadow reaches far past his brow bone into the eyebrows themselves, and the look is completed with a fuchsia glossy lip.

Brad captions the photo with “Welp… my daughters got make-up for Christmas,” accompanied by an upside-down smiling emoji.

The post of wholesome masculinity went viral, reaching Facebook and Instagram, as men across the internet chimed in with their own experiences of time spent with the little ladies in their lives.

Calvin Anthony Jr. shares his gorgeous beard with the world, courtesy of his princess.

One father shared a picture of himself all done up with a top-knot hairdo and wrote “I got the makeup and then a full skincare before bed tutorial. She loved every minute of it and I loved the time with her.”

Another dad rollin’ with the window down while wearing a diamond tiara that spells “Princess” said, “My daughters made me wear this on Christmas day.”

Photo after photo on the thread shows men painstakingly enduring the beautification process, enthusiastically participating in the pampering, or offering support to the men going through it.

One mama wrote her support for the guys calling them “secure” and pointing out that makeup can wash off but the memories last a lifetime. Another shared a similar experience of the memories she had with her dad.

George B Alexander said it best when he shared a picture with his daughter — “The official Girl Dad rite of passage.”

Sometimes there’s no way around it as a dad — you do what you can to keep your kids happy — and often that’s just spending time with them while they take the lead.

You can check out the hundreds of photos and comments on the wholesome post, HERE.

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