Quitting smoking in 2023

JOPLIN, Mo. — Quitting smoking is often on the list of those making new year’s resolutions.

Experts say the time is now to do so.

“Smart choice to make to quit smoking an if you have this on your mind as in your New Year’s resolution, or if you don’t have a new year’s resolution yet and you are thinking about quitting smoking, I think this is the perfect time to do so,” said Dr. Vigyan Bang.

Dr. Bang says the first step to quitting starts with your mentality.

“First thing I’d start off with is the intention to quit smoking. And once you have made the choice of quitting smoking, I think it is a partnership with your doctors to decide what the best strategy for you is,” said Dr. Bang.

He says smoking is one of the top three killers in the country.

“It is linked to about 90% of cancers in the United States and heart disease. Cancer and stroke are the top three in that order killers in the United States today, and if you stopped smoking is certainly impacting the top three killers in this country,” said Dr. Bang.

Many people believe vaping isn’t as harmful as smoking, but dr bang says that’s not the case.

“Smoking and vaping are absolutely in the same category. And I want to dispel this notion that vaping is not as harmful. There is not data we have in the scientific community to suggest vaping is any better or more healthy than smoking is,” added Dr. Bang.

He says the benefits of quitting can affect the body in just 20 minutes

“Smoking is the single largest preventable factor to improve cardiovascular health in the United States today. and the benefits of smoke of smoking cessation. Start from about 20 minutes. Once you kick the cigarette butt, and you realize that there is reduction in blood pressure 20 minutes into the last cigarette that you smoked,” said Dr. Bang.

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