Kansas City Chiefs surprise Salvation Army volunteer with Super Bowl LVII tickets

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A longtime Salvation Army volunteer is heading to the Super Bowl thanks to the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL’s Inspire Change Program.

Jack Larson has volunteered with Kansas City’s Salvation Army branch for more than 30 years, but a recent shift ended a little differently.

“[As a kid] I saw a lot of homelessness, people digging through trash cans for food. It’s always been in my heart since then,” Larsen said. “I just know the Salvation Army does a lot of good work. They’re a people organization. That’s why I got involved with them.”

As Larson sat in a room, wearing a red t-shirt reading “Every Quarter Counts,” talking about his work with the non-profit, Chiefs tight end Noah Gray stood on the other side of the door waiting to deliver a huge surprise.

Gray walked into the room and told Larsen that he’d heard the man had done a lot of good work for the Salvation Army. Gray handed Larsen a gift and told him to open it.

Inside were two giant Super Bowl LVII tickets, shocking Larsen.

“Are these actually tickets for it? These are Super Bowl tickets?” Larsen said.

“Oh you’re going. I mean you can put them on your wall, but you’re going,” Gray said.

“You’re kidding me! You’re kidding me,” Larsen said. “Sometimes you reap what you sow. I’ve really tried to help people, you know and this is so great.”

You can watch the full surprise on the Chiefs Facebook page.

The only thing better for Larsen is if he gets to cheer for his Chiefs in the Super Bowl in Arizona in February.

The NFL’s Inspire Change Initiative works in communities to support education, criminal justice reform, economic advancement, and improve police-community relations.

Every year it also recognizes people, like Larsen, working to improve communities for the less fortunate.

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