Pearl Bros. store in Joplin to close

JOPLIN, Mo. — A retail icon in downtown Joplin is closing, at least for a while. Pearl Brothers True Value hardware store at 716 Main Street will be closing its doors.

Harold Berger has been working at the business six days a week since he graduated from college back in 1977. His father and grandfather bought the store back in 1949 and decided not to change the name of the business which first opened in 1905. He says it’s the right time for him to retire and he’ll miss the people that have supported his store over the years.

“My customers, talking to them, you know, learning some of the things about them, have them listen to some of my situations.” Harold Berger, Owner, Pearl Brothers True Value

Berger says several generations of some of the same families have been faithful customers over the decades.. He says he hopes to do some volunteering once the store closes on January 28th.

The good news, the store will eventually reopen under the same name in the same location, but under new ownership. The building and the business are in the process of being purchased by Blue Haven Investments, the same group redeveloping the Olivia Apartments and the old YMCA.

Sawyer Smith says it could take about two years for the business to reopen.

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