New Year, New Tech: 2023 provides new options

KSNF/KODE— You may have gotten a new smartphone or tablet for Christmas—which could come in handy in 2023 as digital options continue to grow. 2023 doesn’t just mean a new calendar at your desk, but potentially new options online.

Think virtual reality.

“We see an improvement in that type of technology where the headsets will become smaller, faster, better resolution. Those are fantastic in areas such as gaming, but also fantastic in areas such as medicine, where you can actually literally look at hearts beating in real-time in 3D and turn them around and look at lungs and look at internal parts of the body in real-time, and actually see how those things work,” said John Motazedi, SNC2/Network Dr.

You’re also likely to see more and more facial recognition and voice recognition—especially in social media.

“Furthermore, we also see where they can actually replace faces. So you can actually have actors or actresses or individuals literally say something or do something and then you can put somebody else’s face on it. That is still difficult to do today in 2022 technology but that is becoming so mainstream, where you can literally have anyone do or say anything you want to,” said Motazedi.

Quantum computing is expected to grow as well, meaning technology will be tackling increasingly more complex problems. Also, the growth of 5G, or the 5th generation mobile network, will add more wireless options in the Joplin area.

“5G will open a substantial amount of opportunities. One of those would be basically bringing internet to places that don’t have good quality internet. So high-speed real internet. Traditionally what you’re used to having using like a cable or a wired connection,” he added.

Wearable tech will also find new uses in 2023, everything from your pulse and heart rate to glucose levels and sleep characteristics.

“How well you’re handling stress, all of those things. Ultimately, they’re really trying to find out how much you know about yourself and how much better you can improve your life by knowing all these things that traditionally have been very difficult to get answers to,” he said.

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