One cool cave in Missouri you're not allowed to enter

(Image Courtesy: Graham Cave State Park – Danville, Missouri)

DANVILLE, Mo — Missouri has a lot of caves and many can be explored. One in particular is strikingly beautiful in all four seasons, not to mention it’s full of history. However, you’re not allowed to go inside.

Graham Cave State Park in Danville, Missouri (just west of the Saint Louis area) is an interesting place. The official Graham Cave State Park website, mentions that the area includes 386 scenic acres with dozens of trails. According to All Trails, the hikes in Graham Cave State Park are among the top 20 in the entire state. The Indian Glade Loop is the one that takes you to the front of Graham Cave.

Graham Cave is a dolomite sandstone cave where it’s believed humans lived thousands of years ago. That’s one of the reasons why you can hike up to it, but not inside it. The cave itself is fenced off to preserve the geology inside. Reported vandalism has occurred in other caves like it. Historic Native American art at Missouri’s Miller Cave was recently vandalized.

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Many who visit Graham Cave State Park say that the hike alone is worth the trip, as it goes by several waterfalls.

You’ll find more information on Graham Cave State Park in this article, published by “Only In Your State.”

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