How to tackle holiday travel delays and cancellations

KSNF/KODE — If you expect to encounter delays or cancellations in your holiday travel, listen up.

The “Better Business Bureau” in Springfield has tips to keep in mind.

It’s important to check carrier and credit card terms, to see if they can reimburse you for a hotel or food, while you wait.

Remember to keep all your documentation, to help make getting a refund easier and faster.

If your flight is canceled, your airline should book you on the next available flight.

If that’s not an option for you, get in contact with your airline.

“They are entitled to a full refund. Some airlines might offer vouchers, but you want to ask about any black-out dates or expiration dates on those vouchers. But, again, consumers are entitled to that refund if they are unable to take that later flight. And again, that preparation. Book your flight, if you can, with a credit card that offers some trip protection or travel warranty,” said Pamela Hernandez, Regional Director, Better Business Bureau of Springfield.

The “Better Business Bureau” in Springfield has more tips and information on their website, here.

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