How flight delays and cancellations can impact holiday travel

JOPLIN, Mo. — We’re finally recovering from the dangerous winter weather that impacted travel earlier this week.

If you’re traveling elsewhere in the country over the next few days, flight delays and cancellations could impact your trip.

Some airports across the country are currently shut down.

Even if the “Joplin Regional Airport” is open with clear runways, its connecting flights from Denver and Chicago could still see delays and cancellations.

“We encourage travelers to watch the weather, get on the websites and check the airline website and see what the flights are doing. Generally, it’s not, um, the weather doesn’t affect us as much as it might them, but when we have connections to those, the big hub airports, whatever is delayed there, is going to go downhill and it’s going to affect this regional airport here.” said Bart Starkey, Manager, Joplin Regional Airport.

Starkey says to check with “United Airlines”, either through their website or app if you’re flying through the “Joplin Regional Airport”.

A reminder, they are the only offered commercial airline in Joplin.

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