Got new gadgets for Christmas? Recycle or trade-in your old stuff!

ST. LOUIS — As millions of Americans celebrate Christmas, tearing open tens of thousands of new gadgets, gizmos, trinkets, and appliances, many of us will be left wondering what to do with our old or used tech.

Tossing those old headphones, vacuums, smartphones, or computers into the dumpster can result in hazardous materials winding up in your local landfill. And that’s not good for the environment.

Best Buy allows people to recycle or trade-in their old electronics at every one of their stores in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. It doesn’t matter where you bought it, who made it, or how old it is. Best Buy will take it.

The box store retailer allows people to recycle up to three items per household per day for free. You can drop off your unwanted doodads in-store, or, if you have an appliance or big TV that needs to be picked up, Best Buy will come to your home and haul it away.

Stores also offer gift cards as part of the company’s trade-in program.

Don’t live near a Best Buy? Or want to bring your old gadgets elsewhere? That’s okay; the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has compiled a registered list of businesses across the state that will recycle your electronics.

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