How "Vita Nova Village" is helping the homeless

JOPLIN, Mo. — Members of a new nonprofit in Joplin are working to find homeless, homes.

It’s called, “Vita Nova Village.”

Officials are trying to come up with enough funding to construct several tiny homes.

The goal is to have homeless individuals from the area move into the 340-square-foot structures, and eventually transition into a bigger home of their own.

“They will have a living space, a small kitchen so they can prepare their own meals, a private bedroom, and their own bathroom. They won’t have a laundry, we’re putting the laundry in the community room in an effort to prevent isolation,” said Rhonda Thompson, Exec. Dir., Vita Nova Village.

Officials are looking at a couple of properties where they’d like to build their first six to twelve tiny homes.

They also recently held a food drive to benefit the homeless. Donation boxes were placed inside several area businesses.

Those interested in learning more about the organization can visit its website here.

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