Forget the kids, adults want toys for themselves

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KSNF/KODE — Playing with or collecting toys has become an increasingly acceptable part of adulthood in recent years. A rising group of “kidults,” or adults who buy toys for themselves, now makes up at least 25 percent of toy consumers and has the industry marketing more and more products to adults looking for some nostalgia from their youth.

Now, according to market data reported by CNBC, adults who buy toys for themselves are becoming an increasingly vital part of the toy industry’s success. Whether they’re collectors or simply want to try out a product based on their favorite franchise or that reminds them of their childhood, these adults have been a steadily increasing part of the toy industry’s consumer base.

Adults buying for themselves spend around $9 billion on toys even as prices rise due to inflation. More importantly, adults have been the single greatest contributor to growth in the toy market, accounting for 60% of the dollar growth in the industry across 12 months ending in September. “Kidults” have been drawn to everything from simple old favorites to more elaborate collectibles, like a Lego set of the iconic “Star Wars” spaceship, the Millennium Falcon, that sells for more than $800.

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The toy industry, though, is still navigating choppy waters, thanks to issues with the supply chain and a greater emphasis on cheaper toys to help out parents with less money to spare. However, adults that are more and more likely to buy toys of all kinds for themselves, have put companies in a far better spot than expected.

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