Four States residents recall favorite Christmas traditions

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JOPLIN, Mo. — There are some universal customs that we all look forward to as we count down to December 25th. Whether it’s hitting the mall to visit Saint Nick himself or just enjoying the décor surrounding you on the streets, the world just feels a little warmer around this time of year (despite the outdoor temperatures).

When it comes to holiday traditions, we wanted to hear from our readers/viewers. On KSN’s “Living Well” with Gary Bandy and Shelby Neely, their recent “Question of the Day” was, “What’s your favorite Christmas tradition and/or memory?” Many of those who responded on the Living Well Facebook page, recalled both traditions and memories of Christmases past. Here are just some of those responses.

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What’s Your Favorite Christmas Memory and/or Tradition?

Brenda A. — “Going into the living room with only the tree lights on, then my aunts and uncles would come with their light bars and movie cameras and blind us so we couldn’t see what we got for Christmas. Sure do miss those days, but mostly miss those people. Most have passed away – only a few of us are still here.”

David M. — “Singing carols on Christmas Eve as a young member of St. Margaret’s Church choir, at the local Cleveland Cottage Hospital in Brotton. The following mince pies and hot chocolate were to die for!

Tandi D. — “Have so many, but one is gag gifts with extended family – so much fun!

Katherine G. — “In each stocking something to eat, something to read, something to play with. And one Christmas Eve gift: New pajamas.

Terry P. — “Dad waking me and my sister up at 5 a.m. Christmas morning to open gifts then he takes a nap on the couch. We couldn’t open anything Christmas Eve. He was an ornery Dad.

John V. — “Spending happiest of times with mom, dad, n’ sisters. ❤️ Family, that’s all that matters.

James C. — “Putting together our silver artificial tree with the changing color light wheel.

Susan S. — “Getting together with the extended family and catching up with one another. The food and visits were extraordinary!

Susan P. — “Snowing on Christmas Eve in Iowa!

Paula S. — “My grandpa would give each grandkid a silver dollar.

Robin O. — “Christmas Eve service after our program and we got our bag of fruit and candy.

Donna M. — “Came from a family of eight children, my mom was very Frugal, but one particular Christmas she was in the hospital with gallstones. Well, my dad went and got Christmas gifts for us children. He got me a brides doll, and being a kid I thought, ‘oh I hope momma is in hospital next year,’ lol.

| Once Popular Holiday Traditions Now Disappearing >

Anna S. — “Going to look at Christmas lights the night before Christmas. Dad, my brother, and me would always go to the car first. Mom was always late because she would then put presents out under tree. When we got home – surprise Santa had came! Best memory – of course we didn’t figure it out until years later. Best of times!

Debbie M. — “My Mother decorating the house. If you were stationary you got covered with tinsel.

Eric C. — “Driving around looking at lights.

Joan W. — “Baking melting moments when one of the Crosby/Hope Road movies were on, happy times.

Janine F. — “My kids and family with me… always.

Delores F. — “Decorating the tree party.

Patty G. — “The year my dad made snow prints through the house and Santa had came.

Justin C. — “Avoiding everyone.

Nancy W. — “Opening one present on Christmas Eve.

You can find all of the Facebook question responses, HERE.

Some of the most beloved past times have become things of the past, as modern practices take their place. HERE, you’ll find a list of holiday traditions that become less important with each passing year. Unfortunately, most of these forgotten traditions revolve around spending more quality time with your family.

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