79th Fall Commencement Ceremony at MSSU

JOPLIN, Mo. — Hard work pays off for a new group of Missouri Southern State University graduates.

MSSU held its 79th Fall Commencement Ceremony at the Leggett and Platt Athletic Center.

269 graduates, representing 349 degree programs walked across the main stage to get their college diplomas.

The commencement speaker was Susan McCoy, the Senior Vice President of Investor Relations.

The presentation of the graduating class followed her speech.

The MSSU board of governors had the honor of handing each graduate their college diploma.

“Around finals time, everyone is a little stressed, I mean, you get stressed, you can’t hang out with your friends as much, you can’t do the things you want to do, but it gets stressful in work and everything like that, but as soon as you walk across that stage, I feel like all that stress is gone,” said Brayden Wilson, MSSU Fall Graduate.

“It’s honestly really sad to be leaving Southern, with all my professors and friends, but I am really excited,” said Madison McKee, MSSU Fall Graduate.

When the commencement ceremony wrapped up, the new grads gathered with friends and family for a photo “op” at one of several decorated backdrops.

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