Wyandotte Nation donates $100k to NEO simulation lab

MIAMI, Okla.— Today is the final day of the fall semester at NEO A&M in Miami. The nursing program is going into the winter break on a high note. That’s thanks to a recent donation from the Wyandotte Nation of $100,000.

The money will be used to update the program’s technology and equipment.

“As everyone knows, NEO’s played an important part in healthcare communities since 1974, and this is a great boost to a program that has done a lot to serve the local region and the Four State region. You know, technology is quickly changing, and, of course, we want to provide cutting-edge, real-world experiences for our students in these simulation labs, and, of course, in this environment, it’s low risk. We’re dealing with mannequins, so we’re excited about their donation and the ARPA funding that’s coming to our program to help boost this program that has played an important role in our community,” said Dr. Kyle Stafford, NEO A&M President.

The college plans to start utilizing the funds next month.

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