Trump's digital cards sell out within a day

Former President Trump’s digital trading cards have sold out less than 24 hours after he first announced they were available.

As of Friday morning, the site selling the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) says they are sold out, and links to purchase the digital cards are no longer available. 

OpenSea Data, which tracks the sales and markets for NFTs, indicated there were 45,000 of the Trump cards initially made available for purchase for $99 each. The Trump digital cards were the top trending item on the site as of Friday morning.

Trump posted on Truth Social on Wednesday that he would be making a “major announcement” without providing any details. Some had speculated the announcement would be related to the Speaker race playing out among House Republicans or Trump’s largely inactive 2024 presidential campaign.

Instead, Trump revealed a line of digital trading cards that could be purchased with cryptocurrency or a credit card. Proceeds from the cards — which, among other looks, depict the former president as an astronaut and a cowboy — will not go to Trump’s campaign but to Trump himself through a licensing deal.

The announcement drew mockery and disbelief from liberals and some conservatives. 

President Biden tweeted that he had some “major announcements” of his own, listing off a series of policy wins in recent weeks. Stephen Bannon, a former Trump White House and campaign official, appeared exasperated by the announcement during his radio show on Thursday and suggested whoever was involved with the effort should be fired.

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