Kansas Department of Commerce Announces SEED Grant recipients supporting economic development in smaller communities

TOPEKA — The award recipients for the new Strategic Economic Expansion and Development (SEED) grant program were announced Friday with $2.7 million invested into 61 small communities across the state.

“SEED grants provide funding for quality-of-life enhancements in some of our state’s smallest communities,” said Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Commerce David Toland. “These investments will set the stage for future economic development success and prosperity across the state.”  

Awards were given to communities with populations of 5,000 or less. These towns were required to provide at least a 10% match and complete their outlined projects within 12 months. Those projects must be focused on economic development and revitalization through one of the following categories:

  • Childcare and senior programming – projects that support or enhance these services, such as building improvements, educational materials, supplies and equipment 
  • Community vibrancy – projects that refresh, re-energize and unlock the attractiveness of rural communities, such as art installations, murals and signage 
  • Food retail – projects that support access to food retail establishments, including development, renovation and/or expansion 
  • Libraries – projects that support providing free and open access to a broad range of materials and services, including reading material, technology, furniture and building improvements 

The 2022 SEED grant recipients include:

County  Organization  Category(s)  Requested Amount 
Allen  Thrive Allen County  Food Retail, Library  $49,125  
Anderson  Anderson County Development Agency  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Library  $43,860  
Barber  Medicine Lodge Day Care Inc.  Childcare  $49,125  
Bourbon  The Healthy Bourbon County Action Team, Inc.  Community Vibrancy  $33,882  
Brown  Hiawatha Foundation for Economic Development  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Library  $25,049  
Chase  Chase County Chamber of Commerce  Community Vibrancy, Library  $26,661  
Chautauqua  City of Sedan  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Cherokee  Weir & Galena Public Library  Library, Senior Programming  $32,118  
Cheyenne  Cheyenne Community Development Corporation  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Clay  Grow Clay County  Community Vibrancy, Food Retail, Library  $46,571  
Cloud  The City of Clyde  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Coffey  Coffey County Library  Library  $49,125  
Doniphan  Doniphan County Economic Development  Childcare, Library  $49,125  
Edwards  Edwards County Economic Development Corporation  Childcare, Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Elk   Elk County Community Foundation  Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Ellsworth  Wilson Czech Opera House Corporation  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Gove  Gove County Economic Development  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Food Retail  $47,289  
Greeley  Growing the Vision  Food Retail, Library  $48,383  
Greenwood  City of Eureka  Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Hamilton  Hamilton County  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Harper  Harper County Community Foundation  Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Harvey  City of Halstead  Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Jackson  Holton/Jackson County Chamber of Commerce  Community Vibrancy, Food Retail, Library  $49,125  
Jewell  City of Jewell  Community Vibrancy, Library  $37,040  
Kearny  City of Lakin  Childcare  $39,300  
Kingman  City of Kingman  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Library  $48,179  
Kiowa  Haviland Heritage Foundation  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Labette  City of Edna  Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Lincoln  Lincoln County Economic Development Foundation  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Food Retail, Library  $49,125  
Linn  Linn County Library District 1  Library  $49,125  
Logan  Logan County Community Foundation  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Food Retail, Library  $28,701  
Marion  Peabody Township Library  Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Marshall  Friends of the Vermillion Community, Inc.  Community Vibrancy  $37,974  
Meade  The Community Enhancement Foundation of Plains  Food Retail  $14,738  
Mitchell  Mitchell County  Childcare  $49,125  
Montgomery  City of Cherryvale  Library  $46,875  
Morris  Little Huskies Childcare Center  Childcare  $24,563  
Nemaha  Rural Development Association of Northeast Kansas  Community Vibrancy, Food Retail, Library  $48,030 
Neosho  Thayer FRC City Library  Library  $35,687  
Ness  Ness City Chamber of Commerce  Food Retail   $49,125  
Osborne  City of Osborne Economic Development  Childcare, Food Retail, Library  $46,712  
Ottawa  Ottawa County Community Development Foundation  Childcare, Library  $49,125  
Pawnee  City of Rozel – Park Committee  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Phillips  Phillipsburg Child Care Center  Childcare  $42,408  
Rawlins  Atwood Public Library  Library  $25,054  
Republic  Belleville Chamber and Main Street  Food Retail  $49,125  
Rice  Rice County Community Foundation  Childcare  $49,125  
Rush  Rush County Economic Development  Food Retail  $49,125  
Russell  Bunker Hill Lions Club  Community Vibrancy  $34,388  
Sheridan  Sheridan County  Childcare, Library, Senior Programming  $49,125  
Sherman  Sherman County Community Development Corporation  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Smith City of Lebanon Food Retail $49,125  
Stafford  Stafford County Economic Development  Food Retail, Library  $49,125  
Stanton  Stanton County Community Foundation  Community Vibrancy  $36,480  
Stevens  Heritage Christian Academy  Childcare  $49,125  
Sumner  Sumner County Economic Development  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Trego  WaKeeney Travel & Tourism  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  
Wabaunsee  Office of Economic Development, Wabaunsee  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Wallace  City of Wallace  Community Vibrancy  $32,397  
Wilson  City of Fredonia  Childcare, Community Vibrancy, Library  $49,125  
Woodson  Woodson Co. Revitalization Alliance/Revitalize YC  Community Vibrancy  $49,125  

Funding for the SEED program, which is administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce, is provided through the Technology Enabled Fiduciary Financial Institutions (TEFFI) Development and Expansion Fund. The TEFFI Act was enacted in 2021 through bipartisan legislation to promote economic development throughout the state. 

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